Meeting Of Committee E20
Monday November 05 2012 - Wednesday November 07 2012
ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA

MeetingDayStart - Stop TimesRoom
E20 Main Briefing Monday 02:00PM - 02:15PMBoardroom
E20 IEC Discussion Briefing I Monday 03:15PM - 03:30PMBoardroom
E20 IEC Discussion Briefing II Tuesday 10:00AM - 10:15AMBoardroom
E20 Colloquium "New Thermometers" (TEW) Tuesday 12:45PM - 01:45PMBoardroom
E20 Reception Tuesday 06:00PM - 07:00PM
E20 Dinner Tuesday 07:00PM - 10:00PM
E20 Main Closing Wednesday 10:00AM - 11:00AMBoardroom
E200200 Radiation Thermometry Monday 02:15PM - 03:15PMRoom 403
E200300 Resistance Thermometers Wednesday 08:00AM - 09:45AMBoardroom
E200400 Thermocouples Briefing Tuesday 08:45AM - 09:00AMBoardroom
E200400 01 Thermocouples Testing Tuesday 09:00AM - 09:45AMBoardroom
E200400 02 Thermocouples Materials and Use Tuesday 10:15AM - 11:45AMBoardroom
E200400 03 Thermocouples Specifications Tuesday 01:45PM - 02:45PMBoardroom
E200400 Thermocouples Report Tuesday 03:00PM - 03:30PMBoardroom
E200500 Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers and Hydrometers Monday 02:15PM - 03:15PMBoardroom
E200700 Fundamentals in Thermometry Tuesday 08:00AM - 08:45AMBoardroom
E200900 Digital Contact Thermometers Monday 03:45PM - 05:30PMBoardroom
E209000 Executive Monday 01:00PM - 02:00PMBoardroom
E209100 Editorial and Terminology Tuesday 03:30PM - 04:30PMBoardroom

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