Meetings / Line Schedule

Meeting Of Committee D34
Tuesday April 02 2013 - Wednesday April 03 2013
EPA Offices, 944 East Harmon Ave., Las Vegas, NV

MeetingDayStart - Stop Times
D34 Training Update/Standards Development Tuesday 03:45PM - 05:00PM
D34 Main Committee Wednesday 04:00PM - 04:45PM
D340100 Monitoring and Characterization Wednesday 08:00AM - 08:15AM
D340100 Closing Session Wednesday 03:30PM - 04:00PM
D340101 Planning for Sampling Wednesday 08:15AM - 09:15AM
D340102 Sampling Techniques Wednesday 09:15AM - 10:00AM
D340103 Sampling Equipment Wednesday 10:15AM - 11:00AM
D340104 Waste Leaching Techniques Wednesday 11:00AM - 11:45AM
D340105 Screening Methods Wednesday 01:00PM - 02:15PM
D340106 Analytical Methods Wednesday 02:15PM - 03:15PM
D340200 Discharge of Organic Wastes into Sanitary Sewers Tuesday 01:15PM - 02:00PM
D340300 Treatment, Recovery and Reuse Tuesday 02:00PM - 02:45PM
D340500 Site Remediation Tuesday 03:00PM - 03:45PM
D349000 Executive Tuesday 08:00AM - 09:30AM
D349200 Long Range Planning Tuesday 10:15AM - 11:00AM
D349400 Terminology Tuesday 11:00AM - 12:00PM
D349500 Symposia and Awards Tuesday 09:30AM - 10:00AM