ASTM Standards for Fence Materials and Products: 14th Edition

Get the latest edition of this valuable resource for fencing manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers; architects; project designers, and engineers.

This substantially updated new version features 68 ASTM International standard specifications, test methods, and practices for products used in the manufacture of fence and gate materials and products.

As the fence industry continues to evolve with new solutions and innovations, stakeholders can use this collection to find the latest safety standards that address:

– chain-link and wire fence fabric
– fence construction and installation
– fences for playgrounds, sports fields, sports courts, and other recreation facilities
– fence fittings and protective coatings
– industrial and commercial horizontal slide gates
– fencing materials used in detention and correctional facilities
– design and fabrication of wood fencing
– high-security fences and perimeter barriers
– gates and gate hardware
– architectural metal fence systems

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