Standard Withdrawn, No replacement   Last Updated: Dec 31, 2010
ASTM F1775-97(2004)

Standard Specification for Labeling of Climbing and Mountaineering Equipment (Withdrawn 2009)


This specification covers the labeling, warnings, precautions, and related information for climbing and mountaineering equipment and the method by which these information shall be made available. The label may be of fabric or textile, metal embossing, or pressure sensitive, and shall remain legible for the life of the product. Product information shall include the name or logo of the manufacturer or distributor, size and performance rating (if applicable), care and maintenance of product, life of product, product-specific information, definition of critical terms, caution against second-hand use, and universal warnings. The type of information and the type of product shall determine the method by which certain information may be made available to the user. That is, the information may be affixed to the product, accompany the product such as in a product insert, available at the time of purchase to consumers, or indicated on spools or packaging.


1.1 This specification establishes requirements for the information that shall accompany, be affixed or available to the purchaser of climbing and mountaineering equipment. In addition, this specification instructs the method by which this information shall be attached to, or accompany, the product.

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