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ASTM E1433-04

Standard Guide for Selection of Standards on Environmental Acoustics (Withdrawn 2010)

Standard Guide for Selection of Standards on Environmental Acoustics (Withdrawn 2010) E1433-04 ASTM|E1433-04|en-US Standard Guide for Selection of Standards on Environmental Acoustics (Withdrawn 2010) Standard new BOS Vol. 04.06 Committee E33
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Significance and Use

Each current standard under the jurisdiction of Committee E33 on Environmental Acoustics is listed, divided into sections under the jurisdiction of the various subcommittees as follows:

E33.01 on Sound Absorption
E33.02 on Open Plan Spaces
E33.03 on Sound Transmission
E33.04 on Application
E33.05 on Research
E33.06 on International Standards
E33.07 on Definitions and Editorial
E33.08 on Mechanical and Electrical System Noise
E33.09 on Community Noise

The ASTM designation, title, use, result or purpose, and a brief summary of each standard is provided. These give enough explanation about the standard to permit one to understand its application, and to differentiate one standard from another.

Note 1—The sequence of these standards does not indicate their relative importance. The user is encouraged to carefully assess the applicability of standards to a situation and select the documents most suited to the circumstances. Comments given may assist in selecting the standard best suited to a specific need.




1.1 This guide is intended to assist acoustical consultants, architects, specifiers, and others in understanding ASTM standards in environmental acoustics, so that building specifications and other documents can accurately refer to relevant standards. The full standards are found in alphanumeric order in Volume 04.06 of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards.

1.2 The scope of Committee E33 is: "The development of standards on the characteristics and performance of materials, products, systems, and services relating to the acoustical environment and the promotion of related knowledge." Only standards under the jurisdiction of Committee E33 are included in this guide. Additional standards related to environmental acoustics may be found under the jurisdiction of other ASTM committees.

1.3 None of the discussions herein is sufficiently detailed to substitute for reading the full standard. Only a careful reading of a standard will provide a complete understanding of its function. This guide is specifically NOT to be used as a direct reference in building specifications. Only the original standard gives sufficient information to serve as a specification reference.

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