Standard Withdrawn, No replacement   Last Updated: Aug 16, 2017
ASTM E901-82(1995)e1

Classification System for Uranium Resources (Withdrawn 2001)


1.1 This classification system covers all naturally occurring uranium-bearing materials and is based on level of geologic knowledge and economic producibility of the resource at a given time.

1.2 Assessments of uranium resources are made for two purposes: ( ) to provide aggregate information on the resources of a region or country and ( ) to provide information needed for decisions concerning the resources of specific properties or deposits.

1.3 For regional appraisals, broad categories of uranium resources defined in general terms are the most useful.

1.4 For specific consideration of an individual property or to establish the availability of producible resources for commercial purposes, the terms and definitions used require a narrow construction and place emphasis on reliability and the quantification of mineral values in known deposits.

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