Standard Withdrawn, No replacement   Last Updated: Aug 16, 2017
ASTM E774-97

Standard Specification for the Classification of the Durability of Sealed Insulating Glass Units (Withdrawn 2006)


1.1 This specification is applicable to those sealed insulating glass units, with one or two airspaces, which are preassembled and sealed with organic sealant(s).

1.2 This specification is primarily intended to evaluate the test specimens by accelerating the water vapor transmission through the sealing systems into the desiccated air space(s). The classification of test specimens is based on the water vapor content remaining in the air space(s) after test.

1.3 Qualification under this specification is intended to provide a basis for judgment of acceptability of sealed insulating glass units.

1.4 The correlation between actual performance of the in-service units and the response to these tests has not been established because of insufficient data. Such correlation will be established as laboratory and field data are collected and analyzed.

1.5 This specification is not applicable to units that are constructed from vision materials other than glass.

1.6 This specification does not cover other physical requirements such as appearance, thermophysical properties, heat and light transmission, and glass displacement.

Note 1-Sealed insulating glass units classified according to this specification are not necessarily suitable for structurally glazed applications. Factors such as sealant longevity to long term direct ultraviolet light exposure and sealant tensile strength must be reviewed for these applications.
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