Standard Withdrawn, No replacement   Last Updated: Dec 31, 2010
ASTM E621-94(1999)e1

Standard Practice for the Use of Metric (SI) Units in Building Design and Construction (Committee E-6 Supplement to E380) (Withdrawn 2008)


1.1 This standard outlines a selection of SI units, with multiples and submultiples, for general use in building design and construction.

1.2 In addition, rules and recommendations are given for the presentation of SI units and symbols, and for numerical values shown in conjunction with SI.

1.3 A selection of conversion factors appropriate for use within the construction community is given in Appendix X1.

1.4 The SI units included in this document comply with and augment the ASTM Standard for Metric Practice E380 - 82 and are generally consistent with International Standards Organization (ISO) 1000 - 1981 SI Units and Recommendations for the Use of Their Multiples and Certain Other Units, and the ISO/31 Series of Standards, Quantities, and Units of SI.

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