DATA SERIES Published: 2020

The ASTM Computer Program for Chemical Thermodynamic and Energy Release Evaluation - Chetah® Version 11.0

Editor(s): Developer: B. Keith Harrison

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The CHETAH® (Chemical Thermodynamic and Energy Release) program is a unique tool for predicting both thermochemical properties and certain “reactive chemicals” hazards associated with pure chemical, a mixture of chemicals, or a chemical reaction. This is accomplished through knowledge of only the molecular structure(s) of the components involved by an implementation of Benson's method of group additivity. CHETAH is useful for classifying materials for their ability to decompose with violence, for estimating heats of reaction or combustion, and for predicting lower flammable limits.

With access to rigorous assessments that test the reactivity level of dangerous substances, CHETAH assists with careful evaluation of hazards, keeping laboratories and personnel safe from risky situations and accidents.

This version includes the NASA Lewis program and, coupled with the CHETAH functionality, is more user-friendly and can incorporate other chemicals found in the CHETAH data. In Version 11.0, the inclusion of the NASA Lewis program into the CHETAH functionality creates a user-friendly environment with a much simpler interface. Over 1,700 chemicals are included in the CHETAH database, making it a robust and comprehensive tool. For other chemicals not in the database, users can still make calculations with the Benson group contribution method.

CHETAH is a valuable tool for:

– Laboratory personnel and manufacturers working with reactive chemical hazards
– Chemists and chemical engineers who must safely prepare, use, store or dispose of hazardous compounds
– Organizations that assess the safety of processes with reference to reactive chemicals and flammability
– University chemical engineering departments conducting research
–  Pharmaceutical companies using volatile compounds
– Mixture flammability calculations were improved in accuracy to reflect latest technology.

Important: A series of support pages are available at including:
An introduction, new Version 11.0 features, a description of the capabilities of the program, an extensive list of references, a tutorial Power Point presentation, a white paper on “Ring Strain and Steric Interactions”, a free demonstration version of the program, and 4 tutorial videos:

– A Short Overview Showing a Heat of Reaction Demo
– Energy Release Evaluation Explosibility Potential of a Chemical Species or Mixture
– Flammability Calculations
– Chemical Equilibria Analysis using the NASA-Lewis Code

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