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New ASTM International Terminology Standard Promotes Common Understanding of Radiation Processing Dosimetry


A new ASTM International standard defines terms for the radiation processing industry that will help enhance communication and avoid ambiguity for people who work in that field. The terminology standard (E3083) was developed by ASTM International committee on radiation processing (E61).

Radiation processing includes, for example, sterilization of medical devices, reduction of microbial contamination in food, and modification of polymers. The process typically involves gamma radiation, X-radiation, or accelerated electrons.

ASTM International member Kishor Mehta notes that new standard is specifically focused on defining terms related to preparing, testing, and using dosimetry systems, which help measure how much ionizing radiation has been absorbed by the irradiated material.

“The purpose of this standard is to help communication and promote common understanding among professionals in radiation processing research and industry, including regulatory bodies,” says Mehta.  

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Release #10452

January 3, 2018

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