Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory

    Improve the quality of your testing in the construction materials industry through the ASTM Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL). Through its Laboratory Inspection and Proficiency Sample Programs, CCRL provides the instruction, guidance and clarification you need to apply ASTM standards in a professional, accurate and consistent manner.

    Proficiency Sample Program

    Evaluate the quality of your laboratory's testing and identify problems with equipment and procedures with a Proficiency Sample Program provided by ASTM's Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL).

    Laboratories monitor the quality of their testing between ASTM on-site laboratory inspections and supports accreditation programs conducted by others organizations.

    Proficiency Sample Programs Offered:

    • Portland Cement
    • Blended Cement
    • Masonry Cement
    • Pozzolan
    • Concrete
    • Masonry Mortar
    • Concrete Masonry Units
    • Steel Reinforcing Bar
    • Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates (ASR)

    Established in 1936, and sponsored by ASTM Committee C01 on Cement and C09 on Concrete and Aggregates, the Proficiency Sample Program serves nearly 1,600 laboratories worldwide.

    For more information please contact CCRL, 240-436-4800 or visit today.

    Laboratory Inspection Program

    This onsite inspection program provides your laboratory with a comprehensive account of how its procedures, practices, equipment and facilities compare with ASTM standards requirements. The CCRL laboratory inspector checks critical equipment dimensions and operating characteristics; watches a technician demonstrate test procedures; and reviews the quality system when covered by appropriate ASTM standards. The goal is to provide a consistent and fair evaluation so that the laboratory and its clients may have confidence that testing is of high quality and that ASTM standards are being used correctly.

    Inspections Offered:

    • Cement
    • Concrete
    • Aggregate
    • Steel Reinforcing Bars
    • Pozzolan
    • Slag Cement
    • Masonry
    • Quality System

    For more information please contact CCRL, 240-436-4800 or visit today.