Standard Withdrawn, No replacement   Last Updated: May 09, 2019
ASTM C1142-95(2013)

Standard Specification for Extended Life Mortar for Unit Masonry (Withdrawn 2019)


This specification covers extended life mortar of types RM, RS, RN, and RO, for use in construction of non-reinforced or reinforced unit masonry. Materials used as ingredients in extended life mortar shall be of the following: Portland cement, masonry cement, hydrated lime, aggregates, water, and admixtures. Water shall be clean and free of oils, acids, alkalines, salts, organic materials or other substances that may be deleterious to mortar or corrosive to metals in the masonry. Mortar shall conform to average compressive strength, water retention, and air content indicated in this specification. Specimen for laboratory testing shall have attained final set. Moreover, moist storage and curing condition of specimen shall conform to the specification. For testing, the cone penetration method shall be utilized to determine the consistency of the mortar. The air content of the mortar shall be determined by either the pressure method or the volumetric method.


1.1 This specification covers extended life mortar as delivered for use in construction of non-reinforced or reinforced unit masonry.

1.2 This specification is a property standard.

1.3 Four types of mortar are covered: RM, RS, RN, and RO. These types of mortar can be manufactured by using one of the four mortar formulations with masonry aggregate: portland cement, portland cement-lime, masonry cement, or masonry cement with portland cements. The materials are listed in Section 5.

1.4 Appendix X1 provides a rationale statement and commentary.

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