Standard Withdrawn, No replacement   Last Updated: Aug 16, 2017
ASTM C1020-84(1992)e1

Matrix for Light Water Reactor Fuel Reprocessing (Withdrawn 1999)


1.1 This standard presents a matrix to identify existing and potentially needed standards for light water reactor (LWR) fuel reprocessing.

1.2 This matrix pertains to facilities for the reprocessing of LWR spent fuel including its dissolution and separation of the reusable nuclear materials from the waste byproducts and conversion of these products and byproducts to suitable forms for shipment off-site.

1.3 The matrix is defined as an array of fuel reprocessing systems and components as the horizontal axis and the functional activities as the vertical axis. The matrix also has multiple overlays for generic issues. This might also be considered as a third orthogonal axis.

1.4 The terms used for the systems and components, functional, and overlay activities apply specifically to this matrix and are not intended to be universal. See Section 3.

1.5 Matrix Standards on Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities (in preparation), Fuel Fabrication (in preparation), LWR Spent Fuel Receiving and Storage, and Nuclear Safeguards deal in detail with their respective subjects. Therefore, this standard will only refer to these standards and not develop the subjects.

1.6 This standard will be developed in two steps: (1) identifying a matrix of systems and component/functional/ overlay intersection where standards exist or are potentially needed and (2) completing the matrix by listing the existing standards and those potentially needed, assigning priorities to those needed and identifying potential secretariats.

1.7 While it is recognized that federal directives and guidelines are not national consensus standards, they may be included.

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