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ASTM C986-89(1995)e1

Standard Guide for Developing Training Programs in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Withdrawn 2001)


1.1 This guide covers a systematic process for the development of training programs. This approach is recommended for use within the nuclear fuel cycle. However, the steps described can be beneficially applied to the development of other technical training programs. It is particularly valuable for promoting the efficiency and safety of a complex technical operation.

1.2 This guide provides a description of the activities to be considered in developing effective training programs. It is written from the viewpoint of an industrial user. The approach is based on an operating organization (company) using its resources to develop training programs to meet that company's specific needs.

1.3 The responsible organization or individual who would perform the activities described will differ due to the unique variability in organizational structures of those applying the process. This is, therefore, not addressed in this guide. It is also not within the scope of this guide to prescribe the specific method for performing the activities.

1.4 There are many associated activities and decisions not considered such as training facility design, audio-visual resources, and documentation systems. However, to reduce the possibility of oversight, it is recommended that the user refer to "A Checklist for Technical, Skills, and Other Training."

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