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ASTM B956-07e2

Standard Specification for Welded Copper and Copper-Alloy Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tubes with Integral Fins

Standard Specification for Welded Copper and Copper-Alloy Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tubes with Integral Fins B0956-07E02 ASTM|B0956-07E02|en-US Standard Specification for Welded Copper and Copper-Alloy Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tubes with Integral Fins Standard new BOS Vol. 02.01 Committee B05
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This specification establishes the requirements for forge-welded copper and copper alloy with integral fins for use in surface condenser, evaporator, and heat exchanger. The product shall be welded tube of one of the following Copper or Copper Alloy UNS Nos.: C12000, C12200, C19200, C23000, C44300, C44400, C44500, C68700, C70400, C70600, C70620, C71000, C71500, C71520, and C72200. The material heat identification or traceability shall be specified if required. The product shall be manufactured by cold forming to produce an integral enhanced surface for improved heat transfer and shall typically be furnished with unenhanced ends, but may be furnished with enhanced ends or stripped ends. Temper conditions (annealed, WO61 or light cold-worked, WC55) for the tubes and the enhanced and unenhanced sections of the tubes are given. The material shall conform to the chemical composition requirements prescribed for copper, tin, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, lead, iron, zinc, manganese, arsenic, antimony, phosphorus, chromium, and other elements such as carbon, sulfur, silicon, and titanium as determined by chemical analysis. Requirements for grain size, dimensions, mass, and mechanical properties including tensile strength and yield strength as determined by tension test are detailed. The performance requirements including expansion, flattening, and reverse bend tests; mercurous nitrate test or ammonia vapor test; and nondestructive tests such as eddy-current, hydrostatic, and pneumatic tests are detailed as well.


1.1 This specification establishes the requirements for heat exchanger tubes manufactured from forge-welded copper and copper alloy tubing in straight lengths on which the external or internal surface, or both, has been modified by cold forming process to produce an integral enhanced surface for improved heat transfer.

1.2 UnitsThe values stated in either inch-pounds units or SI units are to be regarded separately as the standard. Within the text, the SI units are shown in brackets. The values stated in each system are not exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other. Combining values from the two systems could result in nonconformance with the specification.

1.3 The tubes are typically used in surface condensers, evaporators, and heat exchangers.

1.4 The product shall be produced of the following coppers or copper alloys, as specified in the ordering information.

Copper or Copper Alloy
Type of Metal
C12000ADLP Phosphorized, low residual phosphorus
C12200ADHP Phosphorized, high residual phosphorus
C19200Phosphorized, 1 % iron
C23000Red Brass
C44300Admiralty, arsenical
C44400Admiralty, antimonial
C44500Admiralty, phosphorized
C68700Aluminum Brass
C7040095-5 Copper-Nickel
C7060090-10 Copper-Nickel
C7062090-10 Copper-Nickel (Modified for Welding)
C7100080-20 Copper-Nickel
C7150070-30 Copper-Nickel
C7152070-30 Copper-Nickel (Modified for Welding)

A Copper UNS Nos. C12000, and C12200 are classified in Classification B 224.

Note 1—Designations listed in Classification B 224.

1.5 The following safety hazard caveat pertains only to the test methods described in this specification. This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. ^REFERENCE:

ASTM Standards:

B 153 Test Method for Expansion (Pin Test) of Copper and Copper-Alloy Pipe and Tubing

B 154 Test Method for Mercurous Nitrate Test for Copper Alloys

B 224 Classification of Coppers

B 543 Specification for Welded Copper and Copper-Alloy Heat Exchanger Tube

B 601 Classification for Temper Designations for Copper and Copper Alloys—Wrought and Cast

B 846 Terminology for Copper and Copper Alloys

B 858 Test Method for Ammonia Vapor Test for Determining Susceptibility to Stress Corrosion Cracking in Copper Alloys

E 8 Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials

E 29 Practice for Using Significant Digits in Test Data to Determine Conformance with Specifications

E 53 Test Method for Determination of Copper in Unalloyed Copper by Gravimetry

E 54 Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Special Brasses and Bronzes (Withdrawn)

E 62 Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Copper and Copper Alloys (Photometric Methods)

E 112 Test Methods for Determining Average Grain Size

E 118 Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Copper-Chromium Alloys

E 243 Practice for Electromagnetic (Eddy-Current) Examination of Copper and Copper-Alloy Tubes

E 255 Practice for Sampling Copper and Copper Alloys for the Determination of Chemical Composition

E 478 Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Copper Alloys

E 527 Practice for Numbering Metals and Alloys in the Unified Numbering System (UNS)

^KEYWORDS: condenser; copper; copper alloys; heat exchanger; integral fins; welded tube; UNS No. C12000; UNS No. C12200; UNS No. C19200; UNS No. C23000; UNS No. C44300; UNS No. C44400; UNS No. C44500; UNS No. C68700; UNS No. C70400; UNS No. C70600; UNS No. C70620; UNS No. C71000; UNS No. C71500; UNS No. C71520; UNS No. C72200 ^DOI: 10.1520/B0956-07E02 ^INDEX TERMS: Condenser and heat exchanger systems--copper/copper alloy; Copper; Copper alloy; Integral fins ^STATUS: ^APPROVAL: 20071001 ^PAGES: 9 ^COMMITTEE: B05 ^SUBCOMMITTEE: 0400 ^BOS: 02.01 ^ORGINFO: none ^ACTION: EPSILON_EDIT ^MISCPUB: ^PDESIG: B0956 ^PYEAR: 2007E02 ^CLASS: Specification
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