Microstructural Control during Metal Additive Manufacturing - Webinar OnDemand

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About the Webinar

When some AM users optimize laser-based additive manufacturing techniques, they stop their parametric mapping once they find a highly dense condition. This work highlights the possibility of having several 'optimum (dense) conditions', where the parameters can be used to control the grain structure, solidification by-product phases, and chemical segregation, through controlling the laser power. This highlights the utility of the process in controlling the mechanical properties through the control of the grain structure or creating a specific microstructure. This is particularly useful in repair applications to match the substrate grain structure.

This OnDemand webinar will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this webinar, the attendees will have achieved the following:

  • To highlight the role of the scanning strategies and heat input process parameters in controlling the microstructure and mechanical properties.
  • To explore the utility of laser pulsing on controlling the microstructure and reducing the anisotropy in mechanical properties.
  • To explore the impact of the process on the microstructure and mechanical properties.

  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Research Engineers
  • AM Process Engineers

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