Metallurgical Principles for Powder Bed Fusion Processes - Webinar OnDemand

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About the Webinar

3D printing of metals has advanced rapidly in the past decade and is used across a wide range of industries. Although laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) has matured the fastest for metals, other technologies such as binder jet and (robotic) wire feed are making substantial progress. Many aspects of technology are well understood in the sense that machines make parts and temperature histories with residual stress can be simulated. Nevertheless, key questions remain open as to how to qualify printers and certify parts, how to control defect structures, which includes surface condition and how to implement more sophisticated control systems.

The following topics will be highlighted in the webinar:

  • Physics of the laser powder bed fusion process (PBF-LB)
  • Use of advanced methods such as ultra-high-speed imaging with dynamic x-ray radiography (DXR), and Synchrotron-based 3D X-ray computed microtomography (µXCT) for process characterization
  • Links between porosity and process conditions in defining a process window
  • Microstructure evolution in the PBF-LB process
  • Machine learning concepts for microstructure classification, and defect detection and classification in the spreading of powder

This OnDemand webinar will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this webinar, the attendees will have achieved the following:

  • An understanding of the basic physics of the laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) process for 3D printing.
  • An understanding of how a process window can be developed for any given LPBF machine and how an operator can maintain a qualified process.
  • An appreciation for how microstructure develops in the LPBF process.
  • An appreciation for the high cooling rates and their impact on metallurgical structure.
  • An overview of the main metals AM technologies such as DED, blinder jet, and hot wire deposition.

  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Research Engineers
  • AM Process Engineers
  • AM Researchers

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