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General Refinery Knowledge

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About the Course

The purpose of this course is to provide general knowledge of refinery for engineers, operators, managers, scientists, laboratorians and technicians working in petroleum refining and related petrochemical industries. The course will focus on crude production and assays, crude and product pricing, various refinery processes, gas processing and desulfurization, gas to liquid processes, residue and heavy oil upgrading, hydrogen unit, product specifications and quality control, catalysts types and selection, refinery configuration to maximize refinery margin, products blending, international standards, energy efficiency, waste management, hazards and environmental issues.

Methods of calculation of yields and amounts of products, amount of hydrogen, amount of utilities and how to determine optimum operating conditions for maximum yield will be discussed with supporting examples and practices.

Who Should Attend
  • Chemical and Process Engineers
  • Engineers, scientists, researchers and technicians working with the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries
  • Process software engineers
  • Managers and professionals working in environmental/government organizations and auto/aviation industry
  • ASTM Standards Referenced

    Relevant ASTM test methods that will be cited for crude oil and products quality are: D4176, D3242, D1319, D6379, D3701, D1319, D4294, D5453, D3227, D4952, D86, D2887, D3828, D56, D1298, D5191, D2386, D445, D3338, D4809, D1322, D1840, D130, D3241, D381, D5452, D1094, D3948, D2624, D5001, D6078, D2500, D3117, D97, D6317, D189, D4530, D2274, D525, D613, D2699, D2700, D4052, D1298, D93, D4294, D2386, D6560, D7061, D7996,and D3279.

    Course Outline

    Topics covered during this course include:

    • Petroleum refining – overview
    • Feedstocks and products
    • Worldwide refining capacity and the trends
    • Price of crude oil and products prices
    • Forecasting and marketing
    • Characteristics and properties of crude oil and products
    • Products specifications and quality control
    • ASTM Standards, test methods related to fuel quality
    • Production of fuels (LGP, gasoline, jet fuels and diesel fuel)
    • Production of waxes, lubricants and non-fuel products
    • Refinery processes: desalting, distillation, catalytic cracking, delayed coking, isomerization, reforming, alkylation, hydroprocessing, hydrogen production, finishing processes and products blending
    • Residue upgrading processes
    • Gas processing and sulfur recovery
    • Practical approaches to catalysts selection
    • Refinery integration with petrochemical industry
    • Refinery performance, costs and margin
    • Environment, safety and hazard related issues
    • Refinery configuration to meet market changes

    About the Instructor

    Dr. M. R. Riazi has a doctorate and MSc degrees in Chemical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and a BSc degree in Chemical Engineering with the highest honor from Arya-Mehr (now Sharif) University of Technology. He is the author/co-author of about 150 publications including 7 books in the areas of energy and environment, oil, gas, coal and biofuel properties, characterization, production, and processing alongside 10 book chapters including three chapters of the API Technical Data Book – Petroleum Refining. He has presented at over 100 conferences and conducted around 100 invited lectures and workshops for the petroleum and energy industry in more than 40 countries. He has served as an Assistant Professor at Penn State as well as a Visiting Professor in the Departments of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the following universities: Illinois/Chicago, Texas/Austin, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim), McGill (Montreal), University of Waterloo (Ontario), Wright State, Sharif University, IIT (India), and Kuwait University where he was previously the elected Chairman of Chemical Engineering. During the past three decades, he was also an invited consultant to many European, American, and Middle Eastern oil and energy related companies including Kuwait Oil Company. He has chaired many international conferences in petroleum and chemical engineering and is the founding chair of the ICOGCT conference series. He is currently the Chair of Fuels & Petrochemical Division in the Annual AIChE Meetings. He is the founding editor of book series on Fuels and Petrochemicals by CRC/Taylor & Francis publishing group. He was an editor for ASTM books on petroleum properties, production and processing and conducted short courses on these topics for the ASTM International. Dr. Riazi is the founding and Editor-in-Chief of IJOGCT as well as editorial associate of JPSE for the past 15 years. He is currently a life Fellow of AIChE and an elected director of its Fuel and Petrochemical Division and a past member of SPE, ACS and CIC.

    As a result of his work, Dr. Riazi has been honored as the recipient of the following awards: Diploma of Honor from the U.S. Petroleum Engineering Society for the Outstanding Contributions to the Petroleum Industry, Outstanding Research and Teaching Awards in different universities and an elected Fellow of AIChE in 2013. He is a registered and licensed professional engineer in Ontario, Canada.

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