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About the Course

Based on the AWS A2.4:2012 Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination, this in-depth, online course employs audio narration, animated graphics, and interactive practice problems to make even the most complex welding symbols easy to understand and use. Understanding Welding Symbols is ideal for anyone involved in the design, fabrication, or inspection of welded, brazed, or soldered joints.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Discuss the basic elements and fundamental principles of object representation
  • Distinguish between the different lines used on a welding print
  • Indicate key elements of a welding drawing
  • Identify common joint types and edge preparations
  • Correlate welds with basic joint types
  • Distinguish between the different types of welds and their respective symbols
  • Label parts of a weld
  • Identify the location of a weld with respect to the joint using the elements included on a print
  • Construct a welding symbol in order to demonstrate an understanding of print interpretation
  • Explain the rules governing the use of the arrow, reference line, supplementary symbols, and combined welding symbols
  • Describe the function and appropriate
  • placement of supplementary data within a welding symbol
  • Describe a required braze by deciphering the parameters detailed within a brazing symbol
  • Determine the NDT method to be used by analyzing a nondestructive examination symbol
  • Analyze a combined welding and nondestructive examination symbol
Course Outline

This course covers:

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Object Representation
  • Module 2: Lines and Weld Joints
  • Module 3: Weld Symbols: Groove, Fillet, Plug and Slot Welds
  • Module 4: Weld Symbols: Spot and Projection, Stud, Seam, Back and Backing, Surfacing, and Edge Welds
  • Module 5: Reading Welding Symbols: Basic Parts of a Welding Symbol, Weld Location, and Symbol Orientation
  • Module 6: Reading Welding Symbols: Arrow, Reference Lines, and Supplementary Data
  • Module 7: Reading Welding Symbols: Extent of Welding
  • Module 8: Reading Welding Symbols: Tail, Contour Symbols, and Melt-Through Symbol
  • Module 9: Groove Welds: Groove, Groove Welds, and Arrows
  • Module 10: Groove Welds: Depth of Groove and Size
  • Module 11: Groove Welds: Special Case Dimensions and Root Opening
  • Module 12: Groove Welds: Groove Angle, Groove Radius, and Length
  • Module 13: Groove Welds: Intermittent Welds and Weld Contours
  • Module 14: Groove Welds: Back and Backing Welds
  • Module 15: Groove Welds: Backing, Spacers, and Consumable Inserts
  • Module 16: Groove Welds: Backgouging, Seal Welds, and Skewed Joints
  • Module 17: Fillet Welds: Anatomy of a Fillet Weld, Size, Dimension Lines, and Notes in the Tail
  • Module 18: Fillet Welds: Double Fillet Welds, Notes on a Print, Length, Hatching Lines, and Changes in Direction of Welding
  • Module 19: Fillet Welds: Length and Intermittent Fillet Welds
  • Module 20: Fillet Welds: Contours, Combined Weld Symbols, and Skewed Joints
  • Module 21: Plug and Slot Welds: Plug Weld Size, Slot Weld Width and Length
  • Module 22: Plug and Slot Welds: Angle of Countersink, Depth of Filling, and Number of Welds
  • Module 23: Plug and Slot Welds: Pitch, Centerlines, and Joints with Three or More Members
  • Module 24: Spot and Projection Welds: Size and Strength, Number of Welds, and Pitch
  • Module 25: Spot and Projection Welds: Weld Process Reference, Grouped Spot Welds, and Multiple Member Spot Welds
  • Module 26: Stud Welds
  • Module 27: Seam Welds: Size, Strength, Welding Process Reference, and Length
  • Module 28: Seam Welds: Intermittent Seam Welds, Number of Welds, Contours, and Multiple Member Seam Welds
  • Module 29: Surfacing Welds
  • Module 30: Edge Welds: Size, Length, Double Edge Welds, and Changes in Direction of Welding
  • Module 31: Edge Welds: Chain Intermittent Edge Welds and Staggered Intermittent Edge Welds
  • Module 32: Edge Welds: Extent, Location, Joints with Three of More Members, and Combined Weld Symbols
  • Module 33: Brazing Symbols
  • Module 34: Nondestructive Examination Symbols: Letter Designations, Side Significance, Multiple Tests, Combined Symbols, and Supplementary Symbols
  • Module 35: Nondestructive Examination Symbols: Specifying Location and Extent of Examination Testing Symbols


This course is intended for:

  • Anyone involved in the design, fabrication, or inspection of welded, brazed, or soldered joints
  • Anyone wishing to learn how to decipher welding symbols and prints
  • Anyone seeking to prepare for the AWS Certified Welding Inspector exam
  • Anyone seeking to prepare for the AWS Certified Welding Inspector exam
CEUs and Certificate

CEU's 1.0 or 10 PDH

Certificate: A certificate is available upon successful completion of the course and an 75% or higher score on the exam.


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