One Platform. All of Your Content

    ASTM Compass® gives your entire staff 24/7 online access to ALL the ASTM and 3rd party content your organization needs including:

    • Standards
    • Training
    • Engineering Consulting
    • Translations and more

    Contact us to access compass or call 1-877-909-ASTM (2786).


    24/7 Online Access


    • 13,000+ Standards
    • Collaboration Tools
    • Multiple Language Translations
    • 3rd Party Content

    Digital Library

    • 1,400+ Books
    • 15,000+ Journal Articles
    • 47,000+ Papers, Chapters and Articles


    • Online Courses
    • Online Training with demonstration videos, checklists, and self-testing
    • Learning Management System

    ASTM SpecBuilder

    • Develop your internal specifications
    • Upload draft documents and files
    • Create task groups and discuss online
    • Track discussions and vote
    • Reference and hyperlink other standards

    Tools to Manage and Maintain Your Information

    Build an ASTM Compass® subscription to meet your needs and you'll improve productivity with:

    • Easy access to the standards you choose
    • Tools for adding notes, images and attachments
    • Sharing functions to help pass on and preserve corporate knowledge
    • Color-coded highlighting that identifies changes to standards
    • ASTM training modules
    • Access to the thousands of papers and books in the ASTM Standards & Engineering Digital Library
    • Translated standards
    • And more

    Contact us to access compass or call 1-877-909-ASTM (2786).