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API Equipment Specifications on ASTM Compass®

Get 24/7 access to updated specifications and standards needed to comply with API Monogram and Quality Registrar requirements in compliance with API Advisory 9.

Your subscription of API standards gets you:
  • The most current versions of API specifications needed to meet audit requirements, and help your company comply with industry’s core values of safety, quality, reliability, and interoperability.
  • Powerful workflow tools:
    • Utilize both HTML and PDF versions
    • Comparison tool—quickly view changes between different versions of a standard
    • Add section notes/annotations
Customize your facility’s subscription based on business needs. You can also add:
  • Subscriptions to complete API sections on: Exploration and Production, Transportation, Petroleum Measurement Tables, Refining, Health and Environmental Issues, Marketing, and Safety & Fire Protection
  • Company-wide access to translated API standards and referenced ASTM standards
Purchase Options
  • Annual subscription; you are insured consistent and up-to-date access to the latest API equipment specifications.
    • Subscriptions are for one location (LAN) and are IP-based.
    • IP address will be recognized at checkout.
  • For more than one location, contact us.

For questions, contact us or call toll-free 866-284-0169

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