Adjunct to D4176 Distillate Fuel Bar Chart

Laminated chart (4.75 by 7.25 in.) consisting of five parallel lines of different widths with ratings of 1 through 5 used for a pass/fail method for determining contamination in a distillate fuel. A sample of fuel is placed into a clear, glass jar and is examined for clarity. Fuel clarity is rated by placing the bar chart behind the sample in the container and comparing its visual appearance with the standard haze rating photos.

Use ADJD417601 with procedure 2 of Test Method D4176.Adjunct to D4176 Combo: Laminated Charts of Distillate Fuel Haze Rating Standard and Distillate Fuel Bar Chart

Price: $114.00 (standard not included)
Standard: D4176
Developed by Committee: D02
Stock # : ADJD417601