Adjunct to D130 Copper Strip Corrosion Standard for Petroleum, D1838 Standard Test Method for Copper Strip Corrosion by Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gases, and D4048 Standard Test Method for Detection of Copper Corrosion from Lubricating Grease + Active Stan

13 photo lithographed strips encased in plastic and made up in the form of a plaque for protection (7.5 by 4.25 in.). These consist of reproductions in full-color of typical test strips representing increasing degrees of tarnish and corrosion. Directions for use are given on the reverse side of the plaque. Use this adjunct to assess the color and tarnish level of corrosiveness to copper from petroleum products.

A copy of the current ASTM standard is included with the purchase of this adjunct.

ASTM standard D130 (Section 8) provides the following guidance for the maintenance or possible need for replace of the D130 Adjunct.

8.1.1 Keep the plastic-encased ASTM Copper Strip Corrosion Standards protected from light to avoid the possibility of fading. Inspect for fading by comparing two different plaques, one of which has been carefully protected from light (for example, new plaque). Observe both sets in diffused daylight (or equivalent) first from a point directly above and then from an angle of 45°. If any evidence of fading is observed, particularly at the left-hand end of the plaque, it is suggested that the one that is the more faded with respect to the other be discarded. Alternatively, place a suitably sized opaque strip (for example, 20 mm (3/4 in.) black electrical tape) across the top of the colored portion of the plaque when initially purchased. At intervals remove the opaque strip and observe. When there is any evidence of fading of the exposed portion, the standards shall be replaced. These plaques are full-color reproductions of typical strips. They have been printed on photo lithographed strips encased in plastic and made up in the form of a plaque for protection. Directions for their use are given on the reverse side of each plaque.

8.1.2 If the surface of the plastic cover shows excessive scratching, it is suggested that the plaque be replaced.

Price: $307.00 (standard not included)
Standard: D130
Developed by Committee: D02
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