ASTM WK37298

    New Test Method for determining storage life of coated fabric products

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    1. Scope

    1.1This procedure provides a method to determine the shelf life in storage of coated fabric products without having to conduct destructive testing on the products themselves. The fabrics from which booms, storage tanks, some skimmers and other floating devices are all subject to UV ageing, thermal ageing, moisture, abrasion and other combinations of environmental attack during storage and handling. Establishing a method of determining shelf life without actual destructive testing of the materials, can help responders determine life cycle costs, plan for scheduled replacement, and evaluate material suitability for the proposed tasks over their lifetime. 1.2The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as the standard 1.3This standard does not purport to address all of the various features of fabrics and their suitability for use. Its sole role is to help to determine if the fabrics chosen for the task have stood up to ageing over time, and to attempt to forecast when the useful life of said material is going to end.


    oil spill response, fabric for oil booms

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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