ASTM WK24875

    New Practice for On-line Determination of Siloxanes in Biogas and Other Gaseous Fuels by FTIR

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    1. Scope

    FTIR is applied to the measurement of siloxanes present at 50 ppb in biogases such as those from sewage digestion and landfill production.

    Efforts to reduce pollution of the atmosphere includes use of hydrocarbon containing gases from landfills and sewage digestion as fuel for local gas turbine engines that are used to produce electricity or as pumping stations. However the landfill gases contain contaminates such as oxides of silicon or siloxanes that can plate the turbine section gas path components, degrading performance and creating opoerating reductions for maintenance. The determination of siloxanes biofuels permits the user to take the necessary steps to clean these contaminents out permitting use of the fuel without compromising equipment performance or efficiency. Siloxanes such as Tetramethylsilane, Trimethylsilanol, Tetramethyldisiloxane, Pentamethyldisiloxane and Hexamthyltrisiloxanes have been observed in biogases. There is a need for a concensus standard for measuring siloxanes before biofuels can gain wider usage.


    Oxides of Silicon, Industrial Gas Turbines, Landfill Gases,:

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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