ASTM WK23495

    New Guide for Incorporating Sustainable Objectives Into Cleanup

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    1. Scope

    The standard guide provides a framework that supports the cleanup process through the provision of a comprehensive and integrated consideration of environmental, economic, and social factors within the regulatory context of a site. The guide provides a road map that identifies and incorporates sustainable best management practices and metrics into existing decision criteria for corrective actions. The goal of the standard guide is to provide useful information on selecting best management practices that substantially improve all three sustainable aspects: environmental, economic, and social within the decision making process under various cleanup programs. The Standard Guide will include sections on selecting, measuring and documenting sustainable best management practices for a cleanup. The framework is designed to balance and maximize the short and long-term environmental, economic and social goals considered under various cleanup programs to the benefit of the stakeholders, while continuing to protect human health and the environment.


    energy conservation; brownfields; sustainable practices;green and sustainable remediation; GSR
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