2018 Officers' Training Workshop

    The 2018 Officers' Training Workshop will be held September 25-26, 2018 at ASTM International Headquarters. The training is intended primarily for committee officers, subcommittee chairmen, technical contacts or others in leadership positions who are aspiring to become officers.

    VALUE! Success in today's fast-moving business and technical fields relies more than ever on constantly acquiring new skills and knowledge. ASTM International membership not only puts you on the cutting edge of global standards development, it also offers one of the richest professional development and learning environments you’ll find anywhere.

    If you have questions about the upcoming workshop, please contact Katerina Koperna.

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    Training Schedule

    Training Sessions Offered:

    * Exclusive to Officers' Training Workshop

    Balloting & Handling Negative Votes (PPT)

    This session will inform members on how to effectively move documents through the ASTM balloting process, from initiating a subcommittee ballot through main committee and Society review. A review of the role of COS (Committee on Standards) is included, as well as a special focus on the procedural handling of negative votes throughout the balloting process. Learn to get positive results from negative votes!

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    Task Group Chair & Technical Contact Responsibilities (PPT)

    Recently taken on the role of a task group leader or technical contact in your committee? This module will provide an overview of the duties and responsibilities of task group leaders and technical contacts, as well as help you navigate the ASTM systems and various tools available to assist with your standards development work. Some applications that will be introduced are registration of a work item, organizing a collaboration area, submitting items for ballot, scheduling a virtual meeting, and handling negatives and comments.

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    Robert's Rules of Order (PPT)

    This session is geared towards Subcommittee and Main Committee Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen, who plan to lead ASTM meetings. Get an overview of parliamentary procedures as they relate to ASTM meetings, and run through a sample meeting from the call to order to adjournment in order to better understand the procedures. This training should help to answer any basic questions you have on how to use Robert’s Rules during an ASTM meeting.

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    Subcommittee Chairman's Duties and Responsibilities (PPT)

    The role of a subcommittee chairman involves many titles, such as leader, communicator, administrator, and organizer. This module provides tips to conducting an effective meeting, preparing ballot items, delegating tasks, and managing subcommittee activities.

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    Main Committee Officers' Duties and Responsibilities (PPT)

    The goal of this session is to identify key duties and responsibilities of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Membership Secretary, and Secretary in order to strengthen the leadership skills necessary for a productive committee. If you currently are or soon will be a main committee officer, this session will educate you on what to expect in your role on the Main Committee.

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    Member Website Tools (PPT)

    This module is designed to demonstrate the vast array of tools on the ASTM website that facilitate worldwide participation in the ASTM standard development process. The module will provide information on viewing ballots, utilizing online negative ballot resolution, registering work items, submitting ballot items, accessing collaboration areas, submitting minutes and agendas, and downloading materials for ASTM meetings, along with many more helpful functions of the website.

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    Roster Maintenance Training (PPT)

    This training module assists officers in classifying new members, granting official voting status, and maintaining balance on your committee and subcommittee rosters. This training session covers the numerous functions of the web-based Roster Maintenance tool. This session will also cover accessing new membership applications, as well as creating Membership Reports for your upcoming meeting. This training will be helpful for Main Committee and Subcommittee Membership Secretaries, and Subcommittee Chairmen.

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    Editorial Module: Process of Developing & Revising a Standard (PPT)

    During this joint Technical Committee Operations and Editorial module, the development and publication process for both new and revised standards will be reviewed. The module will explain how standard ideas are introduced, drafted, and publicized and will walk through ASTM’s electronic tools and time-tested techniques for accelerating the development of your standard. Included in the workshop will be a brief review of work item registration, the three stages of balloting, and an explanation of the key roles of your ASTM editor and the standard’s technical contact.

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    Interlaboratory Studies Program (ILS) (PPT)

    This workshop is designed to familiarize members with the ILS Program, its features, capabilities, and the online registration process. The ILS program assists committees in developing a quality precision statement for ASTM test methods. Accessed via the Members Only pages of the ASTM Website, you will be guided through a complete ILS registration, highlighting the information that will be requested in the process. This program will benefit anyone planning to run an Interlaboratory study to generate a precision statement for an existing or new ASTM test method.

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