ASTM E2356 Standard Practice for Comprehensive Building Asbestos Surveys -- eLearning Course

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    About This Course

    In this program, you will learn how the ASTM E2356 Pre-Construction Survey can help you meet the EPA asbestos NESHAP requirements for a thorough inspection prior to demolition or renovation work.

    Course Outline

    This course is broken into three modules:

    • Module One covers Federal requirements for asbestos inspections, and the EPA determination letter allowing for the use of ASTM E2356 Pre-Construction Survey for the EPA's NESHAP regulation compliance.
    • Module Two examines ASTM copyrights and document formats and the various sections required by the EPA within E2356 for compliance with the asbestos NESHAP regulations, and an overview of the Pre-Construction Survey.
    • Module Three provides detailed descriptions of the Pre-Construction Survey and reporting elements.

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Have a better perspective of asbestos inspection requirements
    • Recall how ASTM E2356 can assist with EPA asbestos NESHAP compliance.

    Who Should Attend

    • Environmental professionals
    • Appraisers
    • Property owners
    • Upper managers in financial organizations, insurance companies, and law firms
    • Attorneys and bankers

    Certificate and CEUs

    CEUs: .25

    Certificate: A certificate is available upon successful completion of the course and an 80% or higher score on the exam.

    Technology Requirements

    For a list of technology requirements for accessing ASTM Training please click here.

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    Price: $159