Light Sport Aircraft Personnel Certificate Program

    Fee: $1150.00

    About the Program

    The ASTM Light Sport Aircraft Certificate Program is offered to those individuals who attend the Light Sport Aircraft Training Course and have been verified to have successfully passed the examination. The ASTM Technical and Professional Training (TPT) department developed a two day training program that gives Light Sport Aircraft manufacturers the tools they need to establish and maintain staff that are trained and certified in the use and implementation of industry standards. It provides a general overview of all relevant ASTM Committee F37 standards--the only ones currently accepted for use in the United States. Individuals who pass the examination at the end of the course shall receive a signed certificate from ASTM and be listed in the Directory of Certificate Holders. The benefits of receiving a certificate include:


    • Providing LSA manufacturers with a basis for evaluating skills and qualifications of current and future staff
    • Allowing certificate holders to differentiate themselves from others in their profession and advance their careers
    • Listing in the ASTM Directory of Certificate Holders


    Each attendee will have the option of taking an examination to receive an ASTM Light Sport Aircraft Personnel Certificate. The examination will be comprised of 50 multiple choice questions. A passing score is answering 40 questions (80%) or more correctly on the examination

    Approval Process for the Personnel Certificate Program

    An applicant for the certificate program shall do the following:

    1. Review the program requirements outlined in the Scheme Manual for Light Sport Aircraft Personnel Certificate Program
    2. Register for the Light Sport Aircraft Training Course ($1,150 fee) and at the same time register for the Light Sport Aircraft Personnel Certificate Program ($99 fee).
    3. Attend the Light Sport Aircraft Technician Training Course and pass the personnel certificate examination.


    The fee to take the Personnel Certificate examination is $99. It must be taken in conjunction with the Light Sport Aircraft Training Course ($1,150 fee).

    Questions Concerning the Program

    David von Glahn

    phone: 610-832-9591


    Program Documents

    Light Sport Aircraft Personnel Certificate Program Directory