TMC Rater Personnel Certificate Program

    About the Program

    The ASTM TMC Rater Personnel Certificate Program is offered to those individuals who attend the ASTM Test Monitoring Center Rater Workshops and have demonstrated rating performance levels of Blue, Red or White as described in the General Operations Manual for Personnel Certificate Programs. Individuals who meet the Blue, Red and White performance levels receive a signed certificate from ASTM and will be listed in the Directory of Certificate Holders. The purpose of the program is to set a level of competency for automotive lubricant deposit and distress rating professionals conducting ratings for automotive lubricant approval. The methodologies for rating deposits and distress are contained in TMC Rating Manual 20 and 21, respectively. The benefits of receiving a certificate include:


    • Providing customers a basis for evaluating qualifications of personnel providing distress and deposit ratings.
    • Helping employers judge the skills of existing or potential employees.
    • Allowing certificate holders to differentiate themselves from others in their profession and advance their careers.


    During workshop registration each attendee will have the option of requesting that their data be used to receive an ASTM TMC Rater Personnel Certificate. Requests for participation in the certificate program after registration are not permitted.

    Approval Process for the Personnel Certificate Program

    An applicant for the certificate program shall do the following:


    1. Review the program requirements outlined in the [Scheme Manual For ASTM Test Monitoring Center Rater Personnel Certificate Program(119)]


    2. Register for the ASTM TMC Rating Workshop and select participation in the

    ASTM TMC Rater Personnel Certificate Program, pay the workshop fee and the

    $100 certificate fee.


    3. Attend the Rating Workshop and produce ratings that meet the certificate

    requirements as indicated in the [Scheme Manual For ASTM Test Monitoring Center Rater Personnel Certificate Program(119)].


    There is $100 fee to participate in the Personnel Certificate Program. There are other fees to attend the TMC Rating Workshop

    Questions Concerning the Program

    Jeff Clark

    ASTM Test Monitoring Center

    Phone: 412-365-1030


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