Overview of ASTM's "Environmental Liabilities Certificate Course" Webinar

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    About the Course

    This one and a half hour free webinar will take place from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm ET on March 24, 2021

    Ten attendees of this webinar will win a subscription to the eLearning course.

    ASTM recently released a new “Environmental Liabilities Certificate” course to bring together six areas of standard development work in the last five years. While Federal and State laws continue to evolve, the business of environmental liabilities is also changing: new calculation methods, detailed accounting rules and broader stakeholder expectations are part of the ASTM’s standard setting activity. This course reviews five key ASTM documents covering the valuation, settlement and reporting of all types of environmental liabilities.

    Learning Outcomes

    The following learning outcomes will be achieved upon completion of this course:

    • identify the five types of environmental liabilities (E3123)
    • create and manage a watch list of unbooked environmental liabilities
    • reliably value environmental liabilities, and communicate estimates for wide range of purposes
    • demonstrate correlation between spending and reductions in booked environmental liabilities
    • evaluate past reports of environmental liabilities
    • use common terminology for summarizing portfolios of environmental liabilities
    • identify environmental liabilities related to climate change adaptation
    • competency in reporting environmental liabilities for due diligence purposes
    • enable user to demonstrate gap between booked (reserved) liabilities and the fair value used in due diligence
    • understand the value of retaining specific areas of environmental liability management experience for future use

    Who Should Attend

    Any scientific, project management, legal or accounting specialist seeking to grow within the strategic framework of a larger organization. This short course will their understanding of the challenges of environmental liabilities and how to address them in the context of a large organization where valuation, auditing and attestation to one or more portfolios of environmental liabilities (asset retirement obligations, environmental obligations, commitments, contingencies and guarantees) is critical work.

    • Corporate officers performing financial reporting or due diligence responsibilities
    • Members of due diligence or purchase price accounting teams
    • Members of corporate or government agency remedial project teams
    • Members of legal and accounting teams
    • Members of investment banking and merger/acquisition/spinoff teams
    • Members of real estate teams acquiring, redeveloping or selling brownfields
    • Individuals providing support services to any of the above

    About the Instructor

    John Rosengard is a subject matter expert in environmental liabilities. He started Environmental Risk Communications, Inc. (1994), developer of the Defender software suite used by large corporations and public agencies to value and document their environmental liabilities (see IAS37, ASC 410-30, GASB 49) and asset retirement obligations (ASC 410-20, GASB 83). John developed software and related reports for 10-K disclosure, audit defense, decision support/budgeting, counterparty tracking, loss recovery and improvement of capital stewardship.

    His work has covered the financial reporting for over 4,800 liabilities sites worldwide, and detailed decision analysis for over 200 cleanup projects in oil/gas, port operations, chemical manufacturing, pipelines, mining and CERCLA/RCRA closures. From 2015 to present, John has served on the ASTM E50.05 subcommittee and is the technical contact for these standard guides:

    • E2173, Disclosure of Environmental Liabilities
    • E2718, Financial Disclosures Attributed to Climate Change
    • E3123, Recognition and Derecognition of Environmental Liabilities
    • E3228, Environmental Knowledge Management

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