ASTM Continuity of Care Record (CCR): Emerging Standards and Best Practices for Health Data Portability and Interoperability

    How You Will Benefit

    This 1-day ASTM International workshop will provide an in-depth look at the current and future states of technology standards for health data exchange, focusing on the use of the CCR standard for portability and interoperable exchange between EHRs and PHRs, health plans and physicians' practices, and employer-sponsored personal health networks services. The Workshop will include presentation and discussion of the likely uses of the CCR standard by employer-led PHR initiatives and IT firms eager to enter health care with new consumer products and services.

    The Workshop will cover the CCR standard's content and schema (xsd) in detail, and will provide comprehensive examples of tools and methods for mapping clinical content from any organization's health data application to the CCR standard's xml format.

    Google has expressed interest in the CCR standard for its Google Health Services, and the workshop will include an opportunity to explore the AuthSub technology that Google is suggesting for secure health exchange (see notes by Adam Bosworth, Google VP, online at

    Who Should Attend

    This is a must-attend workshop for professionals needing a comprehensive and hands-on understanding of the CCR standard and its XML schema for their organizations. It is aimed at technologists wanting to grasp the relationship between the CCR standard and other emerging standards and best practices, among them the CDA CCD from Health Level Seven and the exciting new PDF-Healthcare best practices.

    The CCR Workshop is therefore suitable for:
    * Leaders and managers in the healthcare vertical who need to know more about the CCR standard and who are at medium to advanced levels of technical know-how
    * Governmental advocacy and standards personnel needing to become familiar with standards based on structured XML
    * Medical or nursing IT directors who will be assisting their organizations to purchase EHRs or other health information systems and who need an overview of the standards and technology as part of their due diligence
    * Product managers or developers needing hands-on training on integration of the CCR standard into their company's products or services

    A minimal understanding of XML is strongly recommended

    Schedule and Session Descriptions

    8:00 - 8:30 am: Registraion and Introductions

    8:30 - 9:30 am Unit One: Overview of the CCR standard and emerging best practices for portability and interoperability of health data. The current role of the CCR and future in the healthcare landscape, harmonization, and innovation.

    9:30 - 10:30 am Unit Two: In-depth examination of the CCR standard, its data elements, and the schema, XSD


    10:45 - 12:00 Unit Two continued: In-depth examination of the CCR standard, its data elements, and the schema, XSD

    12:00 - 1:00 pm: Lunch (on your own)

    1:00 - 2:30 pm Unit Three: Integrating the CCR standard into real world products and services, tools and methods. MinuteClinic Case Study.

    2:30- 2:45 pm Break

    2:45 - 4:00 pm Unit Four: Approaches to health data exchange using the CCR standard. Exploring Google's API and AuthSub routine; PDF Healthcare best practices guide; and security issues.

    4:00 - 4:30 pm: Wrap up and feedback.


    DAVID KIBBE, MD, MBA, is well known as an innovator and independent thought leader in U.S. health informatics. He is a co-developer of the CCR standard, and currently serves as Secretary of the ASTM E31 Healthcare Informatics Technical Committee. Dr. Kibbe has had leadership positions on a number of national boards and workgroups in both government and the private sector involved in health information technology (HIT) standards and certification. In 2005 he was voted one of the 50 Most Powerful Physician Executives in Healthcare by readers of Modern Physician. He is a frequent speaker and engages in consulting activities as principal of The Kibbe Group. Dr. Kibbe is affiliated with the American Academy of Family Physicians as Senior Advisor to the AAFP's Center for Health Information Technology.

    STEVEN WALDREN MD is a family physician and medical informaticist. Dr. Waldren is currently the Director of the American Academy of Family Physician's Center for Health Information Technology and has multiple appointments in the health-IT industry. He received is formal informatics training from the University of Missouri consisting of a Masters Degree and NLM fellowship. His technical expertise includes Java, XML, system architecture, clinical data modeling, and terminology. Dr. Waldren is co-chair of the ASTM E31.28 Technical Subcommitee responsible for development and maintenance of the CCR standard.

    About ASTM and Sponsoring Committee
    Organized in 1898, ASTM is one of the world's largest voluntary standards development organizations. ASTM standards have grown to be among the world’s most widely used and accepted documents. The 82-volume Annual Book of ASTM Standards (available in print and online) contains 12,000 standards written by 34,000 members on 140 technical committees. These standards are widely used throughout the world as the basis of purchasing and other contracts, codes, laws and regulations. ASTM Committee E31 on Healthcare Informatics developed the standard referenced in this course.

    On-Site Training Available
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