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    ASME Section IX - Introduction to Reviewing WPSs

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    This e-learning course is designed as an introduction to reviewing Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) qualified to the ASME Section IX code. How to read and apply common WPS and PQR rules, including the interactions between paragraphs, tables, and figures will be taught by:

  • Understanding the basic structure of ASME Section IX and its welding qualification rules
  • Efficiently navigating the welding rules of ASME Section IX

  • Learning Outcomes

    The goal of this eLearning course is to improve the learner's knowledge and ability to review WPSs and supporting PQRs qualified to ASME Section IX. The learner will benefit by learning with:

    • examples of WPS and supporting PQR for Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Submerged Arc Welding (SAW), and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
    • the QW-250 WPS welding variable tables along with applying the related QW-400 welding data paragraphs for SMAW, GMAW, SAW, and GTAW; and
    • commonly used ASME Section IX code paragraphs, tables, and figures; such aspositions, mechanical testing, P-No., F-No., qualified thicknesses T and t, essential and nonessential welding variables.

    Who Should Attend

    This e-learning course is designed for inspectors, engineers, tradespeople, QA/QC personnel, NDE examiners, and others working for plant owners, pressure equipment manufacturers and repair organizations, engineering procurement and construction companies, in oil and gas production, refinery plant, pipeline, petrochemical plant, foundries, pulp and paper plant, fertilizer plants, and others.


    ASTM is recognized by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) as an Authorized Provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), under the ANSI/IACET 1-2013 Standard, for good practices and quality continuing education and training programs.

    CEUs and Certificate

    CEUs: 1.0

    IACET continuing education units (CEUs) are issued on each certificate; this e-learning course will earn 1.0 CEUs that equals 10 professional development hours (PDHs).

    Course Content

    • WPS-PQR Review Practice
      • Examples of WPS and supporting PQR each for:
        • SMAW: P-No. 1, F-No. 4
        • SMAW: P-No. 4, F-No. 4
        • GMAW: P-No. 5A, F-No. 6
        • SAW: P-No. 1, F-No. 6
        • GTAW: P-No. 8, F-No. 6
    • Organization of ASME Section IX
      • Part QG and QW Welding Requirements
      • WPS, PQR, and WPQR Hierarchy
    • Article I - Welding General Requirements
      • General
        • Purpose of WPS Qualification - QW-101
        • Purpose of Welder or Welding Operator Performance Qualification - QW-102
        • WPS Qualification Responsibilities - QW-103
        • Test Positions - QW-120 and QW-130
      • Types and Purposes of Tests and Examinations - QW-140
        • Mechanical Tests - QW-141
        • Special Examinations for Welders - QW-142
        • Mechanical Test Specimen Removal - QW-202.1 and QW-302.1
      • Tension Test - QW-150
        • Tension Test Specimens - QW-462.1
        • Tension Test Procedure - QW-152
        • Acceptance Criteria - Tension Tests - QW-153
      • Guided-Bend Tests - QW-160
        • Types of Guided-Bend Tests
        • Guided-Bend Test Acceptance Criteria - QW-163
    • Article II - Welding Procedure Qualifications - QW-200 - General
      • WPS General
        • Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) - QW-200.1
          • Contents and Changes of the WPS - QW-200.1(b), (c)
        • Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) - QW-200.2(a)
          • Contents and Changes of the PQR - QW-200.2(b), (c)
      • WPS Variables - Tables QW-250
        • Essential Variable - QW-251.2
        • Nonessential Variable - QW-251.3
        • Using QW-25x Tables and Article IV Variables
    • Article IV - Welding Data
      • Base Metals and P-Numbers (P-No.) - QW-420, QW-424, Table QW/QB-422
        • Basic Rule for P-Numbers WPS Qualification - QW-424
        • Rules for P-No. 5A, 4, 3, and 1 - WPS Qualification QW-424
      • F-Number (F-No.) - QW-430 and Table QW-432
        • Basic Rule for F-Numbers WPS Qualification - QW-430 and Table QW-432
      • WPS Qualification Thickness Limits - QW-451.1
        • Using Table QW-451.1 WPS Qualification Thickness Limits and Test Specimens

    Required Code Documents

    The ASME Section IX Code - Education Edition, which contains only the content covered in this e-learning course, is required. This code is available for purchase at an Education Price that is discounted from the regular edition at:

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