Characterization and Properties of Heavy Oils Webinar OnDemand

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    About the Course

    World proven reserves for heavy oils are several times higher than conventional oils and with decline in production of light oils in many fields, demand on heavy oil production and processing is on the rise. This is a 75 minute webinar for those involved in heavy oil (and extra heavy oil) processing and recovery, transportation and product quality control. We will briefly review properties, specifications and related characterization techniques for heavy oils which are needed for process design and unit operation in both processing and production sectors.

    What You Will Learn

    The following topics will be discussed:

    • World status of heavy oil industry and developments
    • Definition and Classifications
    • Chemistry and Nature of Heavy Oil, Extra Heavy Oil and Bitumen
    • Compositional analysis and heteroatoms in various types of heavy oils
    • Laboratory data on heavy oils and their uses
    • Importance of characterization methods
    • Physical and transport properties
    • Properties and types of asphaltene, wax and resins in crude oils
    • Phase behavior of waxy and asphaltenic oils
    • Onset of asphaltene formation and precipitation
    • Use of speed of sound in property estimation of complex mixtures
    • Gas solubility in heavy oil, prediction and measurement
    • Some guidelines for selection of thermodynamic models for heavy oil properties

    Target Audience

    • Chemical and Process Engineers
    • Petroleum and Reservoir Engineers
    • Engineers, Scientists, Geologists, Operators and Computer Engineers working within the petroleum industry
    • Managers and professionals working in Environmental/Government Organizations and Auto/Aviation Industry

    Registering for the Webinar

    The fee is $99 per person. After purchasing you will receive an email within a few hours with information about how to access the webinar. You will have access to the webinar for one year

    About the Instructor

    M.R. Riazi, PhD, P.Eng., AIChE Fellow, Editor-in-Chief of IJOGCT He received a doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering from Penn State and is the author/coauthor of more than 150 publications including 6 books in the areas of oil, gas, coal and biofuel characterization, production and processing technology published by ASTM and CRC Press. He has extensively presented in international conferences and has been invited speaker to conduct many workshops for the petroleum industry in more than 40 countries. He is the professor and former chair of chemical engineering at Kuwait University and previously served as an assistant professor at Penn State and as visiting professor/scholar at major universities in the US, Canada and Middle East with extensive consulting for the petroleum industry worldwide for more than three decades. He received a Diploma of Honor from US National Petroleum Engineering Society for the outstanding contributions to the petroleum industry.