Soil Compaction Quality Control eLearning Bundle

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    This series provides guidance to design and construction engineers, technicians and earthwork construction personnel on the use of ASTM Standard Test Methods for testing compaction of earth fills and other earthwork.

    The courses provide a summary of the important items that every experienced earthwork engineer and technician should know and understand to successfully complete an earthfill construction project. The courses represent a summary of the skills and terminology that new engineers and technicians need to understand to obtain quality earthwork construction.

    The courses cover types of fills in which compaction is used and the theoretical background of compaction. Coverage includes the overall purpose of compacting fills and the potential negative effects on the engineering properties of compacted materials caused by improper application of compaction test methods.

    This e-learning bundle includes access to all five courses on Soil Compaction Quality Control, including:


    Anyone who runs soil compaction tests or who needs an understanding of the test methods.

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    Price: $345