Flash Point: Explanation and Terminology -- eLearning Course

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    About the Course

    This eLearning course provides an introduction to flash point while covering flash point apparatus and standard flash point methods.

    Learning Objectives

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Explain combustion
    • State the types of combustion
    • Describe the flash point apparatus
    • Explain the flash point procedures
    • Discuss the special flash point situations


    Anyone who runs flash point methods or who needs an understanding of the test methods and they are properly run.

    Course Content

    • Combustion
      • What is Combustion?
      • Types of Combustion
      • Combustion with Ignition Source
      • LFL and UFL
      • Stoichiometric Considerations
      • Combustion without Ignition Source
        • Autoignition
        • Spontaneous Combustion
        • Compression Ignition
    • Flash Point Apparatus
      • Basic Features
      • Categories
      • How New Models Differ from Old Models
    • Flash Point Procedures
      • Flash Point Procedures
      • Types of Test Procedures
      • Heat Transfer
      • Barometric Pressure
    • Special Flash Point Situations
      • Introduction
      • Formation of Surface Films
      • Flash Point Masking

    CEUs and Certificate

    CEUs: .2 or 2 PDH

    Certificate: A certificate is available upon successful completion of the course and an 80% or higher score on the exam.


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