Steel Metallurgy -- E-Learning Course

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    About The Course
    Materials can make or break a products' success. If you choose the wrong materials to bring your idea to market, you risk poor product performance or reliability and high costs.

    Our goal is to make metallurgy knowledge accessible to EVERYONE involved in all aspects of the product life cycle (design, manufacturing, sourcing, sales, and failure analysis). We do this through our engaging Steel Metallurgy training course.

    Learning Outcomes
    The course consists of 6 modules, each 20 to 30 minutes long, and a final exam.

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Discuss steel types & designations used for the different categories of steel alloys.
    • Explain common metallurgical phases and microstructures found in steels and their effects on steel strength and hardness.
    • Use the iron-carbon phase diagram to predict the phases present in a steel alloy based on composition and temperature.
    • Understand microstructure changes that occur in steel during heating and cooling.
    • Discuss the effects of cooling rate on the microstructure that forms when a steel is cooled from heat treating temperatures.

    Why Do You Need This Course?
    Empowerment. We're committed to sharing our knowledge and product design experience to empower you to confidently make well-informed design, manufacturing, and supplier decisions.
    Metals Mastery. If your products use steel in its components, you need to understand the basics of steel metallurgy - factors that affect steel strength and hardness and how to modify steels to achieve desired mechanical properties.

    Our expert-created courses deliver the practical metallurgy knowledge you need to:

    • Engineer and optimize metals and processes to build better products
    • Solve and prevent metallurgy problems, especially product failures
    • Ask suppliers better metallurgy questions to ensure support.

    What's Covered in the Course?

    This course teaches 3 key aspects of carbon, low-alloy, and tool steels:

    1. The microstructures that form in steel and their effects on steel properties.
    2. The microstructure changes that occur when steel is heated and cooled.
    3. How to read the iron-carbon phase diagram.

    This information will enable you to understand the effects of steel heat treating processes and heat treating process parameters on the microstructure and properties of heat treated plain carbon, low-alloy, and tool steels.

    Is This Course Right for You?
    This course was designed for:

    • Engineers: design, manufacturing, and quality engineers.
    • Sales people and purchasing agents who have metallurgy discussions with suppliers and customers.

    Basic knowledge of the following topics is required: solid solution, substitutions, interstitials, diffusion, effects of process temperature and time on diffusion and metallurgical changes, metallurgical phases, grains, grain boundaries, dislocations. The Principles of Metallurgy course teaches these topics.

    "As plant manager I oversee several operations that include steel heat treating and laser welding. However, my background was in the construction materials industry. Principles of Metallurgy gave me the knowledge to have meaningful discussions with my engineers and be able to ask them better questions."
    Tom Parkman, Plant Manager, Simonds International

    "Principles of Metallurgy exceeded my expectations. The content straightforward enough not to be burdensome, yet deep enough to provide a practical review of the fundamental principles. I would recommend this course to any engineer or technical person who has been out of school and working in industry for several years, but not necessarily having been focused on metallurgy."
    Andy Jacobs, Staff Engineer, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.

    0.3 or 3 PDH CEUs

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    How Learning Will Be Assessed
    Learners will be assessed by completing the modules and passing the final exam.


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    About the Course Creator

    This course is part of a series of metallurgy e-learning courses offered by ASTM in partnership with Industrial Metallurgists, LLC. Developed by Michael Pfeifer, Ph.D., P.E., the courses benefit from his over 20 years of experience providing metallurgical engineering and materials engineering expertise.

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