Metal Failure Analysis -- eLearning Course

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    About The Course

    Do you get involved with metal failure analysis and get stuck at the metallurgical evaluation part of the process? If your answer is yes, this course is for you. This course will teach you how to perform a metal failure analysis.

    The concepts you'll learn are applicable to failures that involve cracked, fractured, or corroded components and joints. The concepts are also applicable for determining the root cause of manufacturing quality problems.

    The following aspects of metal failure analysis are taught:

    • The common failure analysis techniques used to analyze metals and the data obtained from the analyses.
    • How to determine failure mode and mechanism.
    • How to select, collect, handle, and prepare samples for failure analysis.
    • The background information required to determine failure mechanism and root cause.
    • The common techniques used for failure analysis and the data obtained.
    • How to determine fracture mode based on the appearance of a fracture surface.
    • How to perform a failure analysis on fracture, corrosion, and manufacturing failures

    Learning Outcomes
    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Define the relationship between failure analysis and root cause analysis.
    • Explain situations when a metallurgical failure analysis is required
    • Explain the two broad categories of failure modes
    • Explain how failure analysis relates to root cause analysis
    • Explain the steps of a failure analysis
    • Explain how common metals characterization techniques are performed
    • List the background information required to determine failure mechanism and root cause
    • Explain the sample requirements for the different metallurgical analysis techniques
    • Explain how to collect, handle, and prepare fractured and cracked samples for failure analysis
    • Relate the appearance of a fracture surface to the fracture mode
    • Select the likely fracture mechanisms based on the fracture mode
    • Select the likely fracture mechanisms based on the fracture mode
    • Distinguish the categories of root causes for specific failures
    • Assess a protocol for performing failure analysis of a fractured component
    • Describe seven common corrosion mechanisms
    • Explain the uses of metallurgical analysis techniques for corrosion failure analysis
    • Assess a metallurgical exam protocol for corrosion failure analysis
    • Assess a protocol for a metallurgical analysis of a component or joint that failed during manufacturing or assembly

    Course Content
    The course takes about 4 hours to complete and consists of 8 modules and a final exam. You will receive a certificate upon passing the course that can be used for continuing education credits.

    The module titles are:

    • Module 1: Failure and Root Cause Analysis
    • Module 2: Failure Analysis Process
    • Module 3: Analysis Techniques
    • Module 4: Fracture Failure Analysis
    • Module 5: Fracture Case Studies
    • Module 6: Corrosion Failure Analysis
    • Module 7: Corrosion Case Studies
    • Module 8: Manufacturing Failure Analysis Steps and Case Studies

    Who Should Attend
    This course was designed for:

    • Design, manufacturing, and quality engineers.
    • Forensic engineers

    Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate for 4 credit hours (0.4 CEU's).

    How Learning Will Be Assessed
    Learners will be assessed by completing the modules and passing the final exam. A score of 80% or higher is required in order to receive a certificate of completion.


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    Price: $290