Metal Failure Analysis -- E-Learning Course

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    About The Course
    Quickly getting to the bottom of a metal failure is critical for preventing future failures, keeping customers happy, and keeping manufacturing lines running. As the leader in online, on-demand metallurgy training, our goal is to make metallurgy knowledge accessible to EVERYONE involved in all aspects of the product life cycle (design, manufacturing, sourcing, sales, and failure analysis). That's why we developed the online, on-demand course Metal Failure Analysis.

    Learning Outcomes
    The course takes about 5 hours to complete and consists of 7 modules and a final exam. You will receive a certificate upon passing the course that can be used for continuing education credits.

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Define the relationship between failure analysis and root cause analysis.
    • Select, collect, handle, and prepare samples for failure analysis.
    • Determine the background information required to determine failure mechanism and root cause.
    • Discuss the common techniques used for failure analysis and the data obtained
    • Discuss which metallurgical analyses are appropriate for specific failures.
    • Determine fracture mode based on the appearance of a fracture surface.
    • Perform a failure analysis on fracture, corrosion, and manufacturing failures.
    • Discuss the categories of failure root causes for specific failures.

    Why Do You Need This Course?
    Empowerment. We're committed to sharing our knowledge and product design experience to empower you to confidently make well-informed decisions related to the metals used in your products.
    Metals Mastery. If your products include metals of any kind, you need to understand the basics of failure analysis - the analyses to perform, the data obtained, how to collect and prepare samples, and how to identify different failure modes and mechanisms. This engaging, expert-created course teaches the practical knowledge you need to quickly solve product and manufacturing failures.

    What's Covered in This Course?
    This course teaches the following:

    • How to perform a metallurgical failure analysis.
    • The common techniques used to analyze metals and the data obtained.
    • How to determine failure mode and mechanism.
    • How to use failure analysis information to determine the root cause of a failure.
    Additionally, 10 case studies are used to give learners experience with failure analysis of fracture, corrosion, and manufacturing failures.

    Is This Course Right for You?
    This course was designed for:

    • Design, manufacturing, and quality engineers.
    • Forensic engineers

    0.5 or 5 PDH

    How Learning Will Be Assessed
    Learners will be assessed by completing the modules and passing the final exam.


    1 year online subscription for a Single User Only via username/password. Requires internet access.

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    Technology Requirements

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    Price: $330