Quality Management 101 Series

    About the Series

    Does your laboratory/organization have a quality management system (QMS)? Should they? Whether your laboratory needs a QMS to improve workflow and records retention, meet accreditation requirements, and/or improve quality, the Quality Management 101 series was developed to provide a thorough understanding of commonly used AASHTO and ASTM quality management standards. Participants that complete the entire series will leave with templates that they can modify for use in their organization's quality manual.

    Course Content

    Quality Management 101 series includes all of the following sessions. Sessions are also available individually.

    Please refer to the individual session pages for information on learning objectives and session content.

    Why You Should Attend

    This series is designed to help you

    • improve your understanding of quality management system (QMS) standards;
    • improve your organization's effectiveness and efficiency through the development of a QMS;
    • meet the requirements of assessment and accreditation bodies requiring a QMS.

    • Who Should Attend

      This series is designed for all people involved in implementing or maintaining their laboratory's quality management system or simply want to learn more about quality management.

      Learning Outcomes

      By the end of this series you will be able to:

      • Define what a quality management system (QMS) is
      • Explain the role of a Quality Manager/Quality Deputy
      • Create a quality manual meeting the needs of your organization
      • Develop a plan for continual improvement of your QMS


      Cerci Smith serves as a consultant to the laboratories in the Construction Materials Testing (CMT) Industry. She is the founder of Smith Laboratory Consultants and gained experience in both the CMT and Standards fields as a Laboratory Inspector.

      Cerci graduated from La Roche College with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

      Brittney Gibson is a Content Developer of Training and eLearning at ASTM International. Previously, Brittney worked in the Construction Materials Testing (CMT) and standards field, and has served as a Laboratory Assessor, Quality Analyst, and Trainer. Brittney was recently hired by ASTM to build out the personnel certification program for Construction Materials Testing.

      Brittney holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from Trinity College.

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