Questions from the Field, Answers from the Expert- Statistical Quality Control Charts and ASTM D6299

    About the Course

    Join Alex Lau from 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern time for this webinar.

    This is a one hour webinar to discuss Work Process and related statistical techniques for the Construction and Maintenance of Test Method Statistical Control Charts as per D6299. Webinar will primarily be in a Q and A format, where participants will have the opportunity to discuss the key work process steps as outlined below and have their pre-submitted questions addressed and discussed in a group forum with the Webinar leader, a Subject Matter Expert. Questions arising during the webinar will also be discussed.

    What You'll Learn

    Stage 1: Process Review

    • Select/prepare (QC) material
    • Test material
    • Collect and plot data
    • Check for outliers, normality assumptions, adequate resolution
    • Establish behavior expectation by calculating SEV (mean) and variation limits

    Stage II: Process Monitoring

    • Assess future performance
    • Updating control limits

    Target Audience

    • Practitioners of D6299 SQC charts that wish to discuss their current control chart work process, technical interpretation versus D6299 requirement and expectation, control charts and interpretation (if pre-submitted)
    • Participants who have recently taken the "Statistics in ASTM Standard Test Method Development, Application, and Quality Assurance" course sponsored by D02 (D6299), and have follow up questions on either the course, or, with their field implementation of D6299 control charts.

    Registering for the Webinar

    The fee is $159 per person. After registering you will receive an email within a few hours with information about how to access the webinar. In addition to the webinar, you'll get 7-day access to a recording of the webinar.

    About the Instructor

    Alex T. Lau is the Chairman of ASTM D02.94 Subcommittee on Quality Assurance and Statistics, D02.01.0B on Precision, and Vice Chair of Subcommittee D02.25 on Validation of Process Stream Analyzer Systems. He has over 35 years experience in Petroleum Refining Industry. An ASTM International member since 1990, he is also an active member of Committees E11 on Quality and Statistics. He retired from Imperial Oil, Canada (an ExxonMobil affiliate), and formed his own consulting company (TCL-Consulting). His career focus specialized in gasoline and diesel fuel blending, direct blend to pipeline and ships, on-line process analyzer applications, statistical techniques for quality assurance and process improvement, development and implementation of industry standards.

    He is the recipient of the ASTM International Award of Merit, ASTM D02 Scroll of Achievement, and several Awards of Excellence. Lau was cited "for outstanding contributions in Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants and Coordinating Subcommittee D02.94 on Quality Assurance and Statistics toward standards development, both as an individual contributor and leader."

    He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Science and Engineering Physics. Outside of ASTM International, Lau is a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and the American Society for Quality (ASQ). He is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario, Canada, and an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer. He is also the Convener of ISO TC28/WG2 on Statistics.