Flash Point: Preparation, Verification and Maintenance of Apparatus -- eLearning Course

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    About the Course

    This eLearning course covers the preparation, verification and maintenance of commonly used flash point apparatus.

    Learning Objectives

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Explain the installation process
    • Describe the calibration and standardization process
    • Explain the verification and Quality Control (QC) process
    • Describe the preventive maintenance steps for flash point equipment


    Anyone who runs flash point test methods or who needs an understanding of the test methods and how they are properly run.

    Course Content

    • Installation
      • Overview
      • Installion Process
    • Calibration and Standardization
      • Overview
      • Standardizing Small-Scale Closed Tester
      • Standardizing Continuously Closed-Cup (CCCFP) Tester
      • Standardizing Automated Flash Point Instruments
    • Verification and QC
      • Verification
      • Certified Reference material (CRM)
      • CRM Flash Points in ISO 3679 and ASTM D3828
      • QC - Monitoring Accuracy
      • QC - Proficiency Testing
      • QC - Monitoring Stability
      • Secondary Working Standard (SWS)
      • Deviations from Accepted Reference Value
    • Preventive Maintenance for Flash Point Equipment
      • Overview
      • Problems that May Cause Variation in Flash Point
      • Periodic Maintenance Check - Ignition Source
      • Peridodic Maintenance Check - Temperature Measuring System
      • Periodic Maintenance Check - Automated Flash Point Testers
      • Daily Maintenance

      CEUs and Certificate

      CEUs: .2 or 2 PDH

      Certificate: A certificate is available upon successful completion of the course and an 80% or higher score on the exam.


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      Technology Requirements

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