Unmanned Maritime Vehicle Standards

    ASTM's Unmanned Maritime Vehicle standards are intended to standardize unmanned undersea vehicle systems and unmanned surface vehicle (USV) systems to facilitate an interoperable, modular, and multifunctional family of platforms. The standards cover autonomy and control, communications, system interfaces, and data formats.

    List of unmanned maritime vehicle standards developed by ASTM:

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    Communication and Integration

    F3243 - 21 Standard Practice for Implementing Communications Impairments on A-UGV Systems

    Docking and Navigation

    F3244 - 21 Standard Test Method for Navigation: Defined Area
    F3499 - 21 Standard Test Method for Confirming the Docking Performance of A-UGVs

    Environmental Effects

    F3218 - 19 Standard Practice for Documenting Environmental Conditions for Utilization with A-UGV Test Methods

    Object Detection and Protection

    F3265 - 17 Standard Test Method for Grid-Video Obstacle Measurement
    F3381 - 19 Standard Practice for Describing Stationary Obstacles Utilized within A-UGV Test Methods


    F3200 - 20a Standard Terminology for Driverless Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles
    F3327 - 18 Standard Practice for Recording the A-UGV Test Configuration
    F3470 - 20 Standard Guide for A-UGV Capabilities

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