Rolling Element Bearing Standards

    ASTM's rolling element bearing standards provide the specifications and test methods pertinent to the design, property, and performance requirements of the mechanical component known as the rolling element bearing. Mechanical bearings, in general, permit constrained relative motion between two other mechanical parts, typically linear or rotational. Rolling ball bearings, in particular, carry loads by placing spherical elements between the two pieces, wherein the relative motion of each causes the round elements to roll with very little tribological resistance. These rolling element bearing standards allow product manufacturers, industrial plants, and other producers and end-users of such mechanical parts to test ball bearings to ensure acceptability towards safe installation and use.

    List of rolling element bearing standards developed by ASTM:

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    F2332 - 06(2013) Standard Specification for Annular Ball Bearings for Instruments and Precision Rotating Components
    F2953 - 12(2021) Standard Specification for Phenolic Raw Materials for the Use in Bearing Cages
    F3131 - 14 Standard Specification for Epoxy / Cotton Raw Materials for the Use in Bearing Cages

    Automotive/Industrial Bearing

    F2162 - 01(2016) Standard Specification for Bearing, Roller, Needle: Drawn Outer Ring, Full Complement, Without Inner Ring, Open and Closed End, Standard Type
    F2163 - 01(2016) Standard Specification for Ring, Bearing, Inner: for Needle Roller Bearing With Drawn Outer Ring
    F2246 - 06(2013) Standard Specification for Bearing, Roller, Needle: Thick Outer Ring With Rollers and Cage
    F2430 - 04(2018) Standard Specification for Bearing, Roller, Needle: Assembly (Thick Outer Race)
    F2431 - 04(2018) Standard Specification for Ring Bearing, Inner: For Needle Roller Bearing with Thick Outer Ring
    F2590 - 06(2013) Standard Specification for Bearing, Roller, Thrust, Two Channeled Race Surface, Rigid or Flat Seat Type
    F2591 - 06(2013) Standard Specification for Bearing, Roller, Tapered, Single Row of Rollers (Metric Series)

    Editorial and Terminology

    F2488 - 05(2013) Standard Terminology for Rolling Element Bearings

    Preservation, Cleaning and Packaging

    F2444 - 04(2018) Standard Practice for Damage Prevention of Bearings, and Bearing Components Through Proper Handling Techniques

    Rolling Element

    F2094 / F2094M - 18a Standard Specification for Silicon Nitride Bearing Balls
    F2215 - 15 Standard Specification for Balls, Bearings, Ferrous and Nonferrous for Use in Bearings, Valves, and Bearing Applications
    F2443 - 04(2021) Standard Specification for Roller, Bearing, Needle, Ferrous, Solid, Spherical End
    F2511 - 05(2013) Standard Specification for Rollers, Bearing, Needle, Ferrous, Solid
    F2730 / F2730M - 18a Standard Specification for Silicon Nitride Cylindrical Bearing Rollers


    F2161 - 21 Standard Guide for Instrument and Precision Bearing Lubricants—Part 1 Oils
    F2489 - 06(2013) Standard Guide for Instrument and Precision Bearing Lubricants—Part 2 Greases
    F2661 - 07(2015) Standard Test Method for Determining the Tribological Behavior and the Relative Lifetime of a Fluid Lubricant using the Spiral Orbit Tribometer

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