Physical Measurement Standards

    ASTM's physical measurement standards specify the terminologies, materials, and methods related to the determination of the physical parameters of liquid spray and solid powder particles, perforated plates and screens, and wire cloths and sieves. The precision, calibration, and reporting requirements for these characterization procedures are also dealt with.

    List of physical measurement standards developed by ASTM:

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    Non-Sieving Methods

    E799 - 03(2020)e1 Standard Practice for Determining Data Criteria and Processing for Liquid Drop Size Analysis
    E1260 - 03(2020) Standard Test Method for Determining Liquid Drop Size Characteristics in a Spray Using Optical Nonimaging Light-Scattering Instruments
    E1458 - 12(2016) Standard Test Method for Calibration Verification of Laser Diffraction Particle Sizing Instruments Using Photomask Reticles
    E1617 - 09(2019) Standard Practice for Reporting Particle Size Characterization Data
    E1620 - 97(2016) Standard Terminology Relating to Liquid Particles and Atomization
    E2589 - 11(2016) Standard Terminology Relating to Nonsieving Methods of Powder Characterization
    E2651 - 19 Standard Guide for Powder Particle Size Analysis
    E2776 - 20 Standard Guide for Correlation of Results of Solid Particle Size Measurement Instruments
    E2872 - 14(2019) Standard Guide for Determining Cross-Section Averaged Characteristics of a Spray Using Laser-Diffraction Instruments in a Wind Tunnel Apparatus
    E2980 - 20 Standard Test Methods for Estimating Average Particle Size of Powders Using Air Permeability

    Sieves, Sieving Methods, and Screening Media

    E11 - 20 Standard Specification for Woven Wire Test Sieve Cloth and Test Sieves
    E161 - 17 Standard Specification for Electroformed Material and Test Sieves
    E323 - 11(2016) Standard Specification for Perforated-Plate Sieves for Testing Purposes
    E454 - 12(2016) Standard Specification for Industrial Perforated Plate and Screens (Square Opening Series)
    E674 - 12(2016) Standard Specification for Industrial Perforated Plate and Screens (Round Opening Series)
    E1638 - 18 Standard Terminology Relating to Sieves, Sieving Methods, and Screening Media
    E2016 - 20 Standard Specification for Industrial Woven Wire Cloth
    E2427 - 18 Standard Test Method for Acceptance by Performance Testing for Sieves
    E2814 - 18 Standard Specification for Industrial Woven Wire Filter Cloth

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