Computerized System Standards

    ASTM's computerized system standards are instrumental in specifying the guides and procedures for the design, implementation, and maintenance of information systems used for organizing transcribed healthcare and medical records. These computerized system standards allow hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions and healthcare facilities to establish proper authentication, authorization, and utilization of such systems that contain confidential patient information.

    List of computerized system standards developed by ASTM:

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    Healthcare Data Analysis

    E2457 - 07(2013) Standard Terminology for Healthcare Informatics
    E2522 - 07(2013) Standard Guide for Quality Indicators for Health Classifications
    E2553 - 07(2013) Standard Guide for Implementation of a Voluntary Universal Healthcare Identification System

    Healthcare Data Management, Security, Confidentiality, and Privacy

    AIIMASTM - BP-01-08 Portable Document Format-Healthcare (PDF) A Best Practices Guide
    E1714 - 07(2013) Standard Guide for Properties of a Universal Healthcare Identifier (UHID)
    E2147 - 18 Standard Specification for Audit and Disclosure Logs for Use in Health Information Systems

    Healthcare Information Capture and Documentation

    E2682 - 09(2014) Standard Guide for Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan for Medical Transcription Departments and Businesses

    Other standards developed by ASTM committees:

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