Business Copy Product Standards

    ASTM's business copy product standards are instrumental in the testing and evaluation of the various products and media used in printing business-related documents and papers. These products include film ribbons, toners, inks, print cartridges, and other components of both manual and electronic typewriters, printers, and copiers, as well as the carbon and printing paper, and correction media. These business copy product standards are responsible for assessing the image properties, resolution, color strength, lightfastness, adhesion, stain and smudge resistance, and other characteristics pertinent to the quality of printed results. These standards allow manufacturers of such products to fabricate and assess their merchandise to ensure their quality.

    List of business copy product standards developed by ASTM:

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    Carbonless and Thermal Imaging Products

    F767 - 98(2013) Standard Test Method for Image Stability of Chemical Carbonless Paper to Light
    F1405 - 08(2013) Standard Test Method for Determining the Dynamic Thermal Response of Direct Thermal Imaging Products—Atlantek Method

    Electrostatic Imaging Products

    F1351 - 96(2013) Standard Practice for Determination of the Effect of Hard Creasing Paper on Images Produced by Business Imaging Systems
    F1434 - 97(2013) Standard Practice for Estimating the Performance of a Fuser Oil in an Electrostatic Copier or Printer
    F1478 - 17 Standard Test Method for Determination of Abrasion Resistance of Images Produced from Copiers and Printers (Taber Method)
    F1486 - 96(2013) Standard Practice for Determination of Abrasion and Smudge Resistance of Images Produced from Office Products (GA-CAT Method)
    F2632 - 07(2013)e1 Standard Practice for Determining the Toner Usage for Color Printer Cartridges

    Ink Jet Imaging Products

    F2366 - 12 Standard Practice for Determining the Relative Lightfastness of Ink Jet Prints Exposed to Window Filtered Daylight Using a Xenon Arc Light Apparatus

    Nomenclature and Definitions

    F1623 - 96(2013) Standard Terminology Relating to Thermal Imaging Products


    F1174 - 12 Standard Practice for Using a Personal Computer Printer as a Test Instrument
    F2296 - 04(2012) Standard Practice for Determining the Adhesion of Lamination Films to Prints Utilizing Mechanical Stress: Four Different Test Methods—Score/Tape, Cross Hatch, X-Cut, and Crease-Folding
    F2406 - 04(2012) Standard Practice for Determining Yield of Solid Ink Sticks
    F2452 - 04(2012) Standard Practice for Determining the Adhesion of Print Media Utilizing Mechanical Stress: Two Different Test Methods—Score/Tape and Cross Hatch

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