Asset Management Standards

    ASTM's asset management standards include performance standards, practices, metrics, and methods of effectiveness for the conduct of management and administration activities for durable and movable assets (personal property management).

    List of asset management standards developed by ASTM:

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    Asset Leadership

    E3257 - 21 Standard Practice for Asset Taxonomy

    Data Management

    E2604 - 21 Standard Practice for Data Characteristics of Personal Property Asset Record
    E2812 - 17 Standard Practice for Uniform Data Management in Asset Management Records Systems

    Decommissioning and Disposal of Medical Supplies, Medical Equipment, and Hospitals

    E3173 - 18 Standard Guide for Decommissioning and Disposal of Medical Equipment

    Financial Aspects Asset Management

    E2378 - 19 Standard Practice for the Recognition of Impaired or Retired Property Assets
    E2453 - 19 Standard Practice for Estimating the Life-Cycle Cost of Ownership of Property Assets

    Management of Fleet Assets

    E2962 - 14(2020) Standard Guide for Fleet Management
    E3221 - 19 Standard Guide for Motorized Equipment

    Process Management

    E2132 - 17 Standard Practice for Inventory Verification: Electronic and Physical Inventory of Assets
    E2279 - 20 Standard Practice for Establishing the Guiding Principles of Property Asset Management
    E2452 - 12(2019) Standard Practice for Equipment Management Process Maturity (EMPM) Model
    E2495 - 18 Standard Practice for Prioritizing Asset Resources in Acquisition, Utilization, and Disposition
    E2497 - 11(2017) Standard Practice for Calculation of Asset Movement Velocity (AMV)
    E2499 - 18 Standard Practice for Classification of Asset Location Information
    E2605 - 13(2019) Standard Practice for Receiving Assets
    E2606 - 18 Standard Practice for Receipt Notification as a Result of Tangible Asset Movement
    E2608 - 20 Standard Practice for Equipment Control Matrix (ECM)
    E2631 - 20 Standard Practice for Physical Placement of an Entity-Controlled Supplemental Identification Label
    E2671 - 10(2016) Standard Practice for Defining Movements, Shipments, and Transfers of Tangible Property
    E2672 - 16 Standard Practice for Identification and Categorization of Tooling
    E2675 - 09(2014) Standard Practice for Property Management System Outcomes
    E2676 - 09(2020) Standard Practice for Tangible Property Mobility Index (MI)
    E2715 - 17 Standard Practice for Moveable Property Storage
    E2811 - 17 Standard Practice for Management of Low Risk Property (LRP)
    E3056 - 16 Standard Guide for Strategic Warehousing
    E3140 - 19 Standard Guide for Asset Management Career Development, Education, and Training
    E3298 - 21 Standard Practice for Inventory by Exception (IBE)

    Reutilization and Disposal

    E2131 - 16 Standard Practice for Addressing and Reporting Losses of Tangible Property
    E2306 - 18 Standard Guide for Disposal of Personal Property Assets
    E2607 - 21 Standard Practice for Cannibalization/Reclamation of Serviceable Equipment Components to Support Demand Requirements
    E2858 - 12(2020) Standard Practice for Sales of Personal Property

    Sustainable Property Management

    E3210 - 20 Standard Practice for Infrastructure Management


    E2135 - 10A(2017)e1 Standard Terminology for Property and Asset Management

    United States Government Property Management

    E2936 - 20 Standard Guide for Contractor Self-Assessment for U.S. Government Asset Management Systems
    E3015 - 15(2020) Standard Guide for Management of Customer-Owned Property Assets in Possession of Supplier, Contractor or Subcontractor

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