ASTM E466 - 15

    Стандартное практическое руководство по проведению испытаний металлических материалов на усталость в осевом направлении в условиях регулируемого усилия и постоянной амплитуды

    Active Standard ASTM E466 Developed by Subcommittee: E08.05

    Book of Standards Volume: 03.01

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    Significance and Use

    4.1 The axial force fatigue test is used to determine the effect of variations in material, geometry, surface condition, stress, and so forth, on the fatigue resistance of metallic materials subjected to direct stress for relatively large numbers of cycles. The results may also be used as a guide for the selection of metallic materials for service under conditions of repeated direct stress.

    4.2 In order to verify that such basic fatigue data generated using this practice is comparable, reproducible, and correlated among laboratories, it may be advantageous to conduct a round-robin-type test program from a statistician's point of view. To do so would require the control or balance of what are often deemed nuisance variables; for example, hardness, cleanliness, grain size, composition, directionality, surface residual stress, surface finish, and so forth. Thus, when embarking on a program of this nature it is essential to define and maintain consistency a priori, as many variables as reasonably possible, with as much economy as prudent. All material variables, testing information, and procedures used should be reported so that correlation and reproducibility of results may be attempted in a fashion that is considered reasonably good current test practice.

    4.3 The results of the axial force fatigue test are suitable for application to design only when the specimen test conditions realistically simulate service conditions or some methodology of accounting for service conditions is available and clearly defined.