ASTM E2771 - 11(2019)

    Standard Terminology for Homeland Security Applications

    Active Standard ASTM E2771 | Developed by Subcommittee: E54.92

    Book of Standards Volume: 15.08

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    Significance and Use

    3.1 In this terminology, definitions used in other ASTM International standards are indicated by following the definition with the designation of the standard.

    1. Scope

    1.1 This terminology provides definitions and abbreviations of terms used in ASTM International standards pertaining to homeland security applications.

    1.2 This international standard was developed in accordance with internationally recognized principles on standardization established in the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recommendations issued by the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.

    2. Referenced Documents (purchase separately) The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.

    ASTM Standards

    D638 Test Method for Tensile Properties of Plastics

    D747 Test Method for Apparent Bending Modulus of Plastics by Means of a Cantilever Beam

    D790 Test Methods for Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Plastics and Electrical Insulating Materials

    D882 Test Method for Tensile Properties of Thin Plastic Sheeting

    D883 Terminology Relating to Plastics

    D1129 Terminology Relating to Water

    D1424 Test Method for Tearing Strength of Fabrics by Falling-Pendulum (Elmendorf-Type) Apparatus


    D5219 Terminology Relating to Body Dimensions for Apparel Sizing

    E1301 Guide for Proficiency Testing by Interlaboratory Comparisons

    E1765 Practice for Applying Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Multiattribute Decision Analysis of Investments Related to Projects, Products, and Processes

    E2411 Specification for Chemical Warfare Vapor Detector (CWVD)

    E2413 Guide for Hospital Preparedness and Response

    E2458 Practices for Bulk Sample Collection and Swab Sample Collection of Visible Powders Suspected of Being Biological Agents and Toxins from Nonporous Surfaces

    E2520 Practice for Measuring and Scoring Performance of Trace Explosive Chemical Detectors

    E2521 Terminology for Evaluating Response Robot Capabilities

    E2541 Guide for Stakeholder-Focused, Consensus-Based Disaster Restoration Process for Contaminated Assets

    E2542 Specification for Portable Water Heaters Used at Personnel Decontamination Stations

    E2543 Specification for Portable Air Heaters Used at Personnel Decontamination Stations and Shelters

    E2601 Practice for Radiological Emergency Response

    E2639 Test Method for Blast Resistance of Trash Receptacles

    E2640 Guide for Resource Management in Emergency Management and Homeland Security

    E2668 Guide for Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Development

    E2677 Test Method for Determining Limits of Detection in Explosive Trace Detectors

    E2731 Specification for Materials to Mitigate the Spread of Radioactive Contamination after a Radiological Dispersion Event

    E2732 Practice for Responder Family Support Service

    E2739 Specification for Personnel Decontamination System to be Used During a Chemical Event

    E2740 Specification for Trash Receptacles Subjected to Blast Resistance Testing

    E2770 Guide for Operational Guidelines for Initial Response to Suspected Biological Agents and Toxins

    E2800 Practice for Characterization of Bacillus Spore Suspensions for Reference Materials

    E2831/E2831M Guide for Deployment of Blast Resistant Trash Receptacles in Crowded Places

    E2852 Guide for Acquisition, Maintenance, Storage, and Use of Hazardous Material Detection Instrumentation

    E2866 Test Method for Determination of Diisopropyl Methylphosphonate, Ethyl Methylphosphonic Acid, Isopropyl Methylphosphonic Acid, Methylphosphonic Acid and Pinacolyl Methylphosphonic Acid in Soil by Pressurized Fluid Extraction and Analyzed by Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Ma

    E2885 Specification for Handheld Point Chemical Vapor Detectors (HPCVD) for Homeland Security Applications

    E2915 Guide for Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Management

    E2933 Specification for Stationary Point Chemical Vapor Detectors (SPCVD) for Homeland Security Applications

    E2951 Guide for Community Emergency Preparedness for Persons with Disabilities

    E3003 Practice for Body Armor Wearer Measurement and Fitting of Armor

    E3004 Specification for Preparation and Verification of Clay Blocks Used in Ballistic-Resistance Testing of Torso Body Armor

    E3005 Terminology for Body Armor

    E3062/E3062M Specification for Indoor Ballistic Test Ranges for Small Arms and Fragmentation Testing of Ballistic-resistant Items

    E3068 Test Method for Contact Measurement of Backface Deformation in Clay Backing During Body Armor Testing

    E3078/E3078M Practice for Conditioning of Hard Armor Test Items

    E3086 Practice for Creating Appliques for Use in Testing of Nonplanar Soft Body Armor Designed for Females

    E3107/E3107M Test Method for Resistance to Penetration and Backface Deformation for Ballistic-resistant Torso Body Armor and Shoot Packs

    E3108 Practice for Conformity Assessment of Protective Gloves Worn by Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers

    E3109 Specification for Protective Gloves Worn by Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers

    E3110/E3110M Test Method for Collection of Ballistic Limit Data for Ballistic-resistant Torso Body Armor and Shoot Packs

    E3112/E3112M Test Method for Ballistic-resistant Products and Shoot Packs

    E3113 Specification for Ballistic-resistant Vehicle Door Panels Used by Public Safety Agencies

    F1494 Terminology Relating to Protective Clothing

    F1731 Practice for Body Measurements and Sizing of Fire and Rescue Services Uniforms and Other Thermal Hazard Protective Clothing

    F2878 Test Method for Protective Clothing Material Resistance to Hypodermic Needle Puncture

    ICS Code

    ICS Number Code 13.200 (Accident and disaster control)

    UNSPSC Code

    UNSPSC Code

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    DOI: 10.1520/E2771-11R19

    Citation Format

    ASTM E2771-11(2019), Standard Terminology for Homeland Security Applications, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2019,

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