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    ASTM E1381-02

    Standard Specification for Low-Level Protocol to Transfer Messages Between Clinical Laboratory Instruments and Computer Systems (Withdrawn 2002)

    Withdrawn Standard: ASTM E1381-02 | Developed by Subcommittee: E31.13

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    1. Scope

    1.1 This specification describes the electronic transmission of digital information between clinical laboratory instruments and computer systems. The clinical laboratory instruments under consideration are those that measure one or more parameters from one or more patient samples. Often they will be automated instruments that measure many parameters from many patient samples. The computer systems considered here are those that are configured to accept instrument results for further processing, storage, reporting, or manipulation. This instrument output may include patient results, quality control results, and other related information. Typically, the computer system will be a Clinical Laboratory Information Management System (CLIMS).

    1.2 The terminology of the Organization for International Standards (ISO) Reference Model for Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) is generally followed in describing the communications protocol and services. The electrical and mechanical connection between instrument and computer is described in the Physical Layer section. The methods for establishing communication, error detection, error recovery, and sending and receiving of messages are described in the Data Link Layer section. The data link layer interacts with higher layers in terms of sends and receives "messages," handles data link connection and release requests, and reports the data link status.

    1.3 This specification addresses the low level protocol used for both serial binary data exchange and TCP/IP data exchange. For message content in the interface between clinical instruments and computer systems, reference Specification E 1394. Topics are found in the following sections:

    For Serial Binary Data Exchange Section
    Physical Layer5
    Overview 5.1
    Electrical Characteristics5.2
    Signal Levels5.2.1
    Character Structure 5.2.2
    Interface Connections5.2.4
    Mechanical Characteristics5.3
    Cable 5.3.2
    Data Link Layer5
    Establishment Phase (Link Connection) 6.2
    Transfer Phase6.3
    Frame Number6.3.2
    Checksum 6.3.3
    Receiver Interrupts6.3.5
    Termination Phase (Link Release) 6.4
    Error Recovery6.5
    Defective Frames6.5.1
    Timeouts 6.5.2
    Restricted Message Characters6.6
    For TCP/IP Data Exchange
    Physical Layer7
    Electrical Characteristics7.2
    Signal Levels7.2.1
    Character Structure7.2.2
    Interface Connections7.2.4
    Mechanical Characteristics7.3
    Data Link Layer8
    Establishment Phase (Link Connection)8.2
    Transfer Phase8.3
    Frame Number8.3.2
    Receiver Interrupts8.3.5
    Termination Phase (Link Release)8.4
    Error Recovery8.5
    Defective Frames8.5.1
    Restricted Message Characters8.6

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    DOI: 10.1520/E1381-02

    Citation Format

    ASTM E1381-02, Standard Specification for Low-Level Protocol to Transfer Messages Between Clinical Laboratory Instruments and Computer Systems (Withdrawn 2002), ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2002,

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